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Is it difficult for the United States to withdraw its troops from Syria?

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It is reported that US Presidential National Security Assistant Bolton arrived in Jerusalem on the 6th to hold talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bolton said that the withdrawal of the United States from Syria is conditional and will not be rushed to evacuate. Some commentators believe that this is the first time the United States has clearly stated that it will delay the withdrawal of troops from Syria.

So, what kind of signal does the United States delay in withdrawing troops from Syria? On related topics, Yang Peng reporter Li Peng interviewed CNR national defense time military observer Teng Jianqun for your in-depth analysis.

The United States delays withdrawing troops and provides military assurance for Middle East policy

Bolton said during the talks that the United States will withdraw its troops when the United States defeats the remnants of the extremist Islamic State (IS) in Syria, while Turkey guarantees the security of the Syrian Kurdish armed forces. Teng Jianqun, CNR's military observer of time and space, said that the United States' delay in withdrawing troops is to hope to control the situation in Syria and provide military guarantees for its Middle East policy.

From now on, since Trump proposed last month to withdraw more than 2,000 ground troops from Syria, the parties concerned have indeed made different counterattacks, and several families are happy. For the United States, he was able to make two contradictory reactions: on the one hand, Trump himself, indeed, hopes to repatriate the troops in the Middle East to other countries and withdraw them to other countries. It is a consideration. This is Trump's own will; but, from geopolitical considerations, it is difficult for the United States to withdraw from Syria and other places. So now Bolton has released such a signal, mainly because the United States hopes to control the situation and provide military guarantees for its Middle East policy.

There is no timetable for withdrawal, just want to wait for it.

The CNR defense time military observer Teng Jianqun seems that there is no clear timetable for the US military to withdraw from Syria. In fact, it is intended to stay in Syria indefinitely.

Whether it is a relationship with Israel or a Kurdish protection, it is really difficult for the US military to withdraw because it is a very long-term goal. For the United States, it is actually used to look back on the reasons for staying in Syria, such as protecting Kurdish issues. In fact, we have seen that Turkey is eager to fight against Kurdish armed forces as President Trump announces his withdrawal. Judging from the situation in recent years, in fact, the Kurdish armed forces are important ally of the United States in the Middle East to fight terrorism. In the battle for many cities, the Kurdish armed forces are at the forefront and play the best. In addition, as the United States announced its withdrawal from Syria, Kurdish people are also in contact with the Bashar government, which may trigger a radical reaction from Turkey, that is, Turkey uses force to resolve the Kurdish issue, and also ally is an ally in the fight against terrorism. Pushed to the Bashar regime, this is what the United States does not want to see. Therefore, the United States has found the above reasons, in fact, it is to let the US military stay in Syria for an indefinite period of time.

The US car pacifies allies, paving the way for Middle East policy

During his visit to Israel and Turkey, Bolton said that the United States will guarantee that its allies will not be lost when withdrawing from Syria. Teng Jianqun, CNR's military observer of time and space, believes that the United States has appeased Israel and Turkey to pave the way for its Middle East policy.

In reality, Kurdish should say that it is a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East. For the United States, for Turkey, it is either playing or pulling. The United States is doing Turkish work to tell Turkey not to do anything with the Kurdish armed forces or Kurds in Syria. Because we have seen that the Turkish side is actually eager to try to clean up the Kurdish armed forces in Syria, including the Syrian Protection Army and the Syrian Democratic Army in the Manbi quarter, and these armed forces were once the United States' anti-terrorist alliance and also in the Syrian battlefield. The most important one is the armed forces. Therefore, Bolton to Turkey mainly wants to exert pressure on the Turkish countries to prevent them from attacking the Kurds and fighting the Kurdish forces. The US Middle East policy is now in the process of being formed. We see that US Secretary of State Pompeo may next visit several countries in the Middle East, and also plans to announce the Middle East policy of the Trump administration in Egypt, so the Trump administration in the Middle East. The policy basically returned to the tradition, that is, using traditional allies, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, at the forefront, he used Iran as the main opponent to suppress, while the United States sat behind the scenes to carry out the operations behind the scenes, mainly using Saudi Arabia and other countries to fight Shiites. , against Iran and other countries.

Reporter: Li Peng

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