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Megan's father accused her daughter of "not filial piety": the murderer's daughter would visit the prison, but she ignored me.

Overseas Network January 8th News The news that the relationship between the new British king, Megan and his biological father has been deteriorating. A few days ago, Megan's father, Thomas Marker, again complained to the media about his daughter's filial piety. Marker even said that the daughter of the murderer would go to the prison, but Megan ignored himself.

According to the Huffington Post, the local time on Saturday (5th), Marker said in an interview with the British media that he was very disappointed with his daughter.

I am a good father and have never missed anything. Killing 19 murderers, their daughters will go to the prison, but Megan is so unbelievable to me, Markel said.

Meggen's father also said that her daughter married Prince Harry and started their new life. This is one of the most proud things in my life and the dream has now evolved into a nightmare...just need the royal family And Megan called me to end the nightmare. Marker also said that until today, he could not understand what he had done wrong before he would be treated like this by his daughter.

According to earlier reports, before the wedding of Megan and Harry, Megan's father, Markel, was exposed to collaborating with the paparazzi to take fake photos, trying to make money from his daughter's fame, and his relationship with Megan broke down. . When Megan and Harry held a wedding last May, there was no figure of Megan's father. Afterwards, Marker repeatedly interviewed the media, saying that Megan never contacted himself after marriage. Marker also claimed that he often texted his daughter and did not receive a response.

May and the British royal family have not commented on Thomas Markel's interview or statement. (Compile / Overseas Network Zhang Min)

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