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Trump will visit the US border. Democrats ridicule: can look forward to the challenge of the whole people.

Overseas Network January 8th The US government partially closed its doors for the third week, and the bargaining of the White House and Congress on the border repair wall continues. On the 7th, local time, the White House said that Trump will go to the US-Mexico border inspection on the 10th. After hearing the news, the Democrats who are investigating the death of the second Central American immigrant child at the US-Mexico border sneaked. I can look forward to the challenge of the whole people.

According to Reuters, the US Democratic Party delegation is inspecting the US-Mexico border patrol in New Mexico on the 7th. It is known that Trump will speak to the country on the evening of 8th and will visit the border this week. On behalf of Joaquin Castro, he immediately said: He can look forward to the strong and rapid challenges from the Democratic Party, members of Congress and the people of the country.

It is understood that Castro has led a Democratic delegation to visit the border patrol in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and to investigate the Christmas death of a second Central American immigrant child. According to US media reports, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy detained in the United States died in a hospital in southern New Mexico. This is also the second immigrant child who has died since last December.

Castro said that as of now, the Border Patrol has not submitted a report on the death of the child. Nor did he patrol the hospital where the child was treated for a cold, and the hospital did not give him a prescription for a cold. He said: Although we know that the National Customs and Border Protection Bureau has serious flaws in medical standards, it is also necessary to find out whether the doctors in the hospital are responsible for this case.

In early October 2018, a wave of Central American immigrants marched close to the US-Mexico border, causing widespread concern in both countries. There are still a large number of immigrants stranded in the Mexican border city of Tijuana. Since taking office, Trump has been striving to make a fuss about US border security. I have thrown immigration policies such as banned orders and zero tolerance, and even threatened to build the US-Mexico border wall.

But the White House and Congress are now deadlocked on the border wall funding negotiations. Some government departments have been closed since the early morning of December 22 last year, and it has been half a month since. On the 5th and 6th, congressional leaders and White House officials continued to hold talks, but no significant progress was made. Trump also said that he would insist on building the border wall, and may even declare that the United States will enter a state of emergency. (Overseas website Wei Xueyu)

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