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Turkey investigates Google's alleged unfair competition

Xinhua News Agency, Ankara, January 7th The Turkish market competition regulator announced on the 7th that it is investigating alleged unfair competition in the advertising service of Internet giant Google.

The agency said that the preliminary investigation used unfair competition to combat commercial rivals in the form of algorithm updates and keyword advertisements through Google's web search service. At present, the preliminary investigation has ended, and investigations involving the seriousness and appropriateness of the search content will begin immediately.

The Turkish market competition regulator said the investigation involved Google Turkey, Google International, Google Ireland, and Alphabet.

In September 2018, Google was fined approximately $15 million by the Turkish market competition regulator for violations of Turkish competition laws.

In May 2017, the Turkish Ministry of Economic Affairs imposed a fine of approximately $84 million on the grounds that Google's advertising revenue in Turkey was invoiced by Google Ireland through the Irish government's tax revenue.

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