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Foreign media: The second "Golden Special" or site selection in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the most likely

The once-stagnant US-DPRK talks have begun to make new progress in recent days. US President Trump said on the 6th local time: On the occasion of holding the second US-DPRK summit, the US and the DPRK are negotiating. With Trump's statement, the location of the second Golden Conference has also become the focus of media attention.

Korea East Asia Daily reported on January 8 that Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia are becoming hot spots for the second round of talks. According to the report, many experts analyzed that the United States will consider the distance that North Korean aircraft can move when holding talks. Therefore, the talks will be held in one of Southeast Asian countries. From the current point of view, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries that maintain friendly relations with the DPRK are highly likely. In particular, Vietnam has maintained a cooperative relationship with the United States in the past, but it is also symbolic as a model for the North Korean economy. In addition, the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea and the United States and Hawaii were also nominated as candidates.

The Korean Culture Daily quoted an unnamed diplomatic source as saying that US State Department officials have recently met with North Korean officials in Hanoi, Vietnam, to discuss the relationship between US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's second summit. Arrangement, this has led to speculation that Hanoi will be the venue for the summit. The newspaper also said that Vietnam has diplomatic relations with the United States and North Korea, and the United States and the DPRK have embassies in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam also has the symbolic significance of economic reforms in socialist countries.

Shen Fanzhe, head of the Security and Rehabilitation Center of the Lushan Policy Research Institute of South Korea, pointed out to the East Asia Daily that Indonesia is farther away than Singapore. Malaysia's evaluation of the North Korean men's death in Malaysia is not good, relations with the United States have improved, and relations with North Korea have also The possibility of being closer to Vietnam is high.

On December 1, last year, Trump said when he returned to China after attending the G20 summit. (The second US-DPRK summit will be held in January or February next year, considering Three locations. This shows that the United States was discussing with North Korea about the venue for talks. On January 3, CNN reported that the Trump administration had dispatched a pre-examination team to a number of locations, including Asia, in order to find the venue for the second US-DPRK summit. According to CNN, the White House originally considered Switzerland and had contact with North Korea. However, due to the movement of North Koreans and the transportation of goods, Switzerland failed to enter the candidate list.

On Sunday, Trump told reporters at the White House South Lawn that the United States and the DPRK are negotiating on the location of the second special gold meeting and said that it may be announced soon. He also said that he received a great letter from Kim Jong-un and is likely to meet with the North Korean leader in the near future. Trump also said: They really want to meet, we also want to meet. Let us wait and see what happens right away.

With Trump saying that he will hold a second Golden Conference and say that North Korea will maintain similar sanctions against North Korea before it abandons its nuclear program. Kim Jong-un also released a double on the prospect of US-DPRK negotiations in this year's New Year's speech. signal. In his New Year speech, he said that North Korea will no longer create, test or spread nuclear weapons; but at the same time, he asked the United States to lift economic sanctions, call for more foreign investment and trade, and warned that if Washington continues to impose sanctions to force North Korea If the government goes to the nuclear, then the goodwill that was established with the United States may be lost.

The East Asia Daily therefore pointed out that it is important to hold a second meeting, but it is more important to determine the issues and conduct consultations. Some experts pointed out that in the way of promoting denuclearization negotiations, the United States, which has always asked for substantive talks and high-level talks before the summit, and North Korea, which prefers to negotiate in a top-down manner, exist. difference. If the summit is held without the smooth progress of the substantive talks, it will be difficult to make great progress on the complete denuclearization.

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