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British media: British universities intend to expand the recruitment of international students to "generate income"

Reference News Network reported on January 8 British media said that British universities face the multiple threats of funds, the number of international students enrolled more than the British students.

According to the British Sunday Times website reported on January 6, the number of international students in some of the top universities in the UK will soon exceed that of British students. Under the severe impact of financial factors, the principals have set their sights on the well-funded international students to maintain balance. Sir Andrew Muscatelli, president of the University of Glasgow and chairman of the Russell Alliance, said that top universities may now try to recruit more international students – especially from China and India – to resolve a range of financial difficulties. The Russell University Alliance consists of 24 top universities in the UK.

Muscatelli is considering increasing the proportion of students from the University of Glasgow to EU and overseas to half of the total. He said: Many universities will try to do this because it will be the only way to deal with the sudden drop in income. Professor Michael Arthur, Dean of the University College of London, said that the school may increase the proportion of EU and overseas students to 50% and reduce the proportion of British students in order to face the huge uncertainty of the future of the education industry.

The University of Exeter has sought to increase the percentage of overseas students by 7%. The president, Sir Steve Smith, said that the university makes money on international students, but it does not make a profit for British students. In London, the London School of Economics and Political Science has more foreign students than British students, two-thirds of whom are from overseas, and Imperial College's foreign students also exceed British students.

Last week, universities received warnings that they were on the verge of a credit crisis. Many universities have borrowed heavily to finance expansion. The UK education industry faces multiple blows: if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, university leaders say it will be disastrous, the UK will be cut by the £1.3 billion EU research fund; in addition, the number of EU students will fall sharply; In addition, the upcoming government assessment is expected to reduce the tuition fees for UK university students to £6,500 a year.

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