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Japanese Defense talks about radar radiation: it can show South Korea the radio wave information that proves the Japanese side's position.

Japan and South Korea Radar exposure The event continues to ferment. On the 8th of January, the Japanese Defense Ministry's press conference at the Cabinet meeting said that in order to deepen the Japan-Korea consultation, the information on radar waves that Japan has mastered can be presented to the South Korean side in a confidential state.

Japan and South Korea each held a word around the radar exposure incident, and successively announced relevant videos that insisted on their own opinions and refute the other party's rhetoric. According to Japan's NHK TV and Kyodo News on the 8th, Iwaki's press conference after the cabinet meeting on the same day said that in the state of confidentiality, the Korean defense department could show the radio wave information emitted by Japan. He said that from the radio wave data emitted by the radar, the fact is that the Korean side used fire-controlled radar. In order to deepen the consultation between Japan and South Korea, information can be exchanged in a confidential state. At the same time, he denied that it would disclose radio wave data, how to collect radio waves, and whether it has the ability to analyze. This is an extremely important defense secret.

Kyodo News pointed out that the characteristics of the waves emitted by different radars are also different. The radar type can be determined based on the radar wave information.

In addition, for the voice of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party that advocated the United States to mediate, Iwatani responded that cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea's defense departments is crucial, and that poor relations between Japan and South Korea may also affect Japan-US-South Korea relations. I hope that the United States will cooperate in various ways.

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