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Overseas media: Trump's national speech on the 9th or announced that the United States is in a state of emergency

Reference News Network reported on January 8th Overseas media said that US President Trump said that he will deliver a national speech on January 8th local time to talk about the humanitarian and national security crisis on the US-Mexico border. He will then travel to the border area on January 10 to see the efforts to stop illegal immigration.

According to the US Wall Street Journal website reported on January 8, Trump published a tweet on January 7th local time, saying that he will be at 9:00 pm on the evening of January 8th (Beijing time, January 9th, 10am) Point) The prime time gave a speech on border security issues. A person familiar with the matter said that major radio and television stations are considering whether to broadcast the speech.

The report said that the federal government's partial lockout has entered its third week, and the White House and Congressional Democrats continue to be deadlocked for the construction of the border wall. White House officials and the congressional aides held two meetings on the weekend, but no agreement was reached. Trump's request also changed from building a concrete wall to a steel barrier, and said that if Congress does not agree to fund the wall, he will consider declaring a national emergency. Such an initiative will be challenged by the law, and it is unclear where the funds for building the wall will come from under this circumstance.

According to Taiwan's United News Network's January 8 report, White House spokesman Sanders said that Trump will visit the southern border area on January 10 to see those who stand on the front lines of national security and humanitarian crises. .

The report said that both Trump and Sanders used the term crisis, which led to speculation that the White House may soon announce a national emergency. The move will allow Trump to bypass Congress and build a wall along the US-Mexico border with the Pentagon budget.

US Vice President Burns said that Trump has not yet decided to declare a state of emergency, but the White House Office of the Legal Counsel is reviewing the legality of the announcement. He urged the Democrats to return to the negotiating table.

The report said that about a quarter of the US federal government has been closed since December 22, 2018, affecting about 800,000 federal civil servants, because Congressional Democrats refused to issue any funds to Trump to build a high wall. Trump insisted on issuing $5.6 billion in accordance with the resolution of the Congress. The then Congress was dominated by the Republican Party, but the term expired on January 3. The leaders of the Democratic Party believe that the construction of the border wall is too expensive, outdated and immoral.

The report said that Trump raised the idea of ​​a state of emergency when he opened a press conference at the White House Rose Garden on January 4, and raised it again after the weekend meeting with the staff.

The report pointed out that although some Democrats objected, others admitted that technically, this is Trump's authority.

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