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Abe: I hope that Japan will play the role of the standard-bearer of free trade.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on January 7th, attended the New Year's Reunion Ceremony hosted by the News Agency, and mentioned Japan's 20th G20 summit, saying that Japan hopes to play the role of the free trade .

The Japan News Agency reported on the 7th that Abe's speech on the day mentioned that Japan is the chairman of the G20 summit this year, saying that he hopes Japan can play the role of the standard-bearer of free trade. This year will be an extremely important G20. According to the report, in the context of the strengthening of protectionism in the United States, Abe's statement indicates that he will lead the discussion on promoting free trade at the G20 summit in Osaka in June.

Abe also highlighted the results of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP), which came into effect last December, and the Japan-Europe Economic Cooperation Agreement (EPA), which will enter into force in February this year, and the regional comprehensive economy under negotiation. The Partnership Agreement (RCEP) said that while working with China, it hopes to reach an agreement.

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