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Is climate change likely to turn the planet into Venus? British media: can not

Reference News Network reported on January 8 Can climate change turn the Earth into Venus? The British media answered this question.

According to the UK Focus Monthly, 96% of Venus' atmosphere is carbon dioxide, which leads to a strong greenhouse effect, with a surface temperature of up to 450 degrees Celsius. The Earth's atmosphere currently contains only 0.04% of carbon dioxide and traces of other greenhouse gases. Although humans burn fossil fuels, the concentration of greenhouse gases has been rising, but still far below the concentration level of Venus. Even if humans burn all the fossil fuels that can be used, the possible impact on the Earth's temperature will only rise by about 10 degrees Celsius. According to Venus's standards, this does not seem to be anything, but it will be enough to cause the earth's sea level to rise more than 50 meters.

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