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Germany and Austria suffered a blizzard, killing at least 7 people

New Beijing News According to the Associated Press (AP) reported on the 8th, southern Germany and Austria were hit by a blizzard, killing at least seven people. Because the weather forecast has 4 feet (121 cm) of snowfall in the next few days, residents of the entire Alpine town have been evacuated.

At present, avalanche risk is at its highest level in most parts of the region, with several deaths in a few days.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, a 28-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman were found dead in the snow near Salzburg in central Austria, and another 40 rescuers were carrying dogs in Austria. Search for two other men missing in the snow near Fort Hornburg in the south.

German police said a 44-year-old man was killed in a snow-blown tree branch in Wakelsberg, Bavaria.

The department also said Monday that a woman who was buried in an avalanche in Uri, Switzerland last week died of serious injuries on Saturday.

Also on weekends, three Austrian skiers died of avalanches, and a Bavarian woman died of a weather-related accident.

Due to the high risk of avalanches, the Hokkar Alpine Road in Austria and the entire Hockkar Ski Area have been closed. On the 7th, local residents and tourists were asked to leave the area before the end of the day.

The Austrian authorities warn skiers not to climb the slopes or drive the car unless necessary. It is expected that there will be 4 feet of snowfall in the next few days, and mountaineering teams and helicopters are being prepared for the rescue mission.

In Bavaria, due to heavy snow, the authorities had to close the road and some railway lines. In some areas of southern Bavaria and the Steyrmark region of Austria, the school was closed on Monday due to weather.

Not only in southern Europe, the Norwegian police announced the names of four skiers on Monday - a Swedish woman, 29 years old, and three Finns, aged 29, 32 and 36, were presumed dead on Wednesday. An avalanche that occurred near Tromso.

In the past few days, heavy snow and low visibility have hampered rescue efforts.

At the same time, the Netherlands is preparing for a strong wind. Dutch national airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) canceled 159 flights to and from Europe on Tuesday, as it is expected that the storm will arrive and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will use only one runway.

New Beijing News reporter Zhang Shuzheng Editor Li Lixia 

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