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Turn your face and not recognize friends? The United States quietly downgraded its diplomatic relations with the EU. Even the notice was exempted...

Reference News Network reported on January 8 Demedia said that the Trump administration has lowered the EU diplomacy level by the end of 2018, but surprisingly, the US State Department has not officially Notice, now also refused to respond because the government closed the door.

According to the report of the German Voice Radio on January 8, on the December 14th, 2018, the foreign diplomats gathered in Washington, and paid tribute to the length of their term. O'Sullivan has been the European Union ambassador to Washington since 2014. He is the top 20 ambassadors of more than 150 foreign delegates sent to Washington, but he is the last representative to be invited.

It turns out that the US State Department has already downgraded its diplomatic relations with the European Union and downgraded its diplomatic status from an allied country to an international organization. EU officials confirmed this news to the voice of Germany. The official said: We are not sure when they decided, because we did not inform us... but it is certain that Belgium is not satisfied with this decision. He said that the EU official is still discussing the matter and is preparing to formally respond.

The report pointed out that the EU did not invite O'Sullivan to participate in some diplomatic activities at the end of last year. Until the US officials who handled the Bush State burial confirmed that O'Sullivan confirmed that the EU's diplomatic status was downgraded. According to his calculations, this Decide or determine at the end of October or early November last year. Although EU diplomats once tried to contact the US State Department to reverse the situation, they were told to remain unchanged during the Christmas holidays and have not received any written documents so far.

Another EU member state diplomat in Washington also confirmed the news of the EU's diplomatic downgrade and condemned: This is obviously not only an agreement issue, but a very obvious political motive. He stressed that most EU member states are dissatisfied with the EU's diplomatic downgrade.

After discovering the incident, the European Union diplomat in Washington asked the US State Department responsible for foreign affairs to clarify, but the official said that they told us that we forgot to inform us, but the decision was made, and the director in charge of the agreement clearly believed There is no objection to this matter.

This official recalled that under the leadership of former US President Barack Obama, the US State Department upgraded the EU ambassador to a national ambassador in September 2016 after a lengthy and intensive discussion. For us, they have made thoughtful considerations. The decision has suddenly changed course.

He stressed that although it is not surprising that a new government reconsiders its diplomatic relations, it is rare to see a government's decision to make a diplomatic downgrade after nearly two years of operation, especially without prior written notice. The decision to diplomatic downgrade seems to be in line with the position of the Trump administration, which is considered anti-EU.

The report said that the EU is the largest export market in the United States, accounting for about one-fifth of the total US exports. Similarly, one-fifth of the EU's exports are exported to the United States.

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