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Afghan Taliban armed forces launched two attacks and killed 36 people

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, January 7th Afghan local officials confirmed to Xinhua News Agency on the 7th that A security personnel and Taliban militants broke out in the northwestern province of Badghis on the evening of the 6th, causing at least 36 deaths .

According to the provincial council official Abdul Aziz Bhag, there were at least two armed conflicts in the province on the evening of the 6th. The first occurred in the Cádiz area in the southern part of the province. Many local checkpoints were attacked by Taliban militants. Security personnel and armed personnel exchanged fire for a long time. At least three government soldiers and 11 local policemen were killed in the crossfire. At least 15 Taliban militants were killed.

Another similar attack occurred in the Abu Kamari area in the western part of the province. Seven fire safety personnel were killed and nine other security personnel were injured.

Bag said that the security department has sent support to the incident area. Taliban militants have been evacuated on the 7th.

At present, the Taliban militants have not responded to this.

The province of Badghis is bordered by the province of Herat in the west, with several roads connecting the northern and western parts of the country through the capital, Nauru. In recent years, Taliban militants have continued to infiltrate the province and frequently launch attacks. On September 17, last year, a military training center in the province was attacked by Taliban militants, killing at least 10 security personnel.

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