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A cargo ship sank in the Black Sea waters of Turkey. Six crew members died.

China News Service, January 7th According to foreign media reports, on the 7th local time, a cargo ship flying the Panamanian flag sank in the Black Sea of ​​Turkey. This accident has caused six crew members to die.

It is reported that the Governor of Samsun Province, Osman Kaymak, said that on the morning of the 7th local time, the cargo ship was in danger of about 80 nautical miles from Samsun and sent a message for help. Kemak also said that seven crew members were rescued after the shipwreck.

The Samsun provincial authorities previously stated that there were 13 crew members on the cargo ship, including 9 Ukrainians, 2 Azerbaijanis, and 2 Russians.

However, the Russian Embassy in Turkey stated that there were no Russian citizens on the cargo ship that was involved. Ukrainian diplomats in Ankara said that there were 11 Ukrainian crew members on the cargo ship.

It is not clear why the cargo ship sank. But Ukrainian diplomats said the cargo ship sank due to weather.

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