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Is there any hope for improvement in Japan-ROK relations? Korean media refers to Abe's "expanding front" in the labor case

Reference News Network reported on January 8 Foreign media said that Japan and South Korea are still arguing over the radar incident, the two sides have differences on the factual relationship, the dispute continues to ferment, and the relationship between Japan and South Korea is increasingly unclear. At the same time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he had instructed the relevant provincial offices to discuss the countermeasures against the original labor lawsuits in South Korea, which caused concern among Korean newspapers. Some media pointed out that the 'spring is getting farther away' in the relationship between the two countries. No hope for improvement.

Yonhap News Agency reported on January 7 that South Korean government and military sources revealed on the 7th that the South Korean Ministry of National Defense will issue a clarification video of six Chinese and Japanese French-speaking versions in the past two days, refuting Japan's so-called Korean ship. The radar is aimed at the Japanese machine, and the truth is published to the public. Military sources said the move was intended to more effectively publicize the truth and the Korean position globally.

On the other hand, according to a report by Kyodo News on January 7, Abe put pressure on the South Korean government to resolutely and unwaveringly take the position that the issue of Japan and South Korea's claim has been resolved. If South Korea implements the seizure of assets of Japanese companies, the situation of conflicts between neighboring countries will be inevitable, and the actual situation is that the Korean government can only be expected to propose a solution acceptable to Japan (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs official). material.

Abe's NHK program's interruption on the 6th will be resolutely based on international law. Japanese media said that such a harsh tone undoubtedly indicates that Japan's decision on the South Korean Supreme Court's decision on October 30 last year has passed more than two months. The South Korean government, which has no good policy, feels anxious. Experts from Japan-Korea relations believe that the South Korean government is caught between the Japanese government and the Supreme Court of Korea.

Kyodo News said that South Korean President Wen Zaiyu is expected to give a clear stance on relations with Japan at the New Year's press conference on the 10th, but most of the views are that it is difficult for the Korean government to make concessions to Japan on historical issues.

In addition, in view of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's instructions to the relevant provincial offices to discuss countermeasures, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei stressed on the 7th that the relevant provincial offices will cooperate with each other to further explore specific measures for resolute response based on international law. He said: South Korea is constantly regretting the move to deny Japan-Korea relations, and Japan-South Korea relations are in a very serious situation.

And for South Korea's disclosure of the video of the Japanese naval destroyer's fire-control radar exposure, the rebuttal of the Japanese proposition's video, Yu Yiwei said: The report received has said that it can be seen that it is different from the defense's position, between the defense departments. Consultations will continue.

At the same time, Kyodo News also reported on January 7 that the Korean newspaper Jingxiang News published a photo of Abe's wave of shouting when I visited the Ise Shrine in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, in response to the original labor lawsuit in Korea. The domestic public opinion, which is dominated by conservative people, has taken the lead in highlighting the confrontation between Japan and South Korea. The newspaper believes that South Korea has adopted a non-restraining attitude and expressed the pessimistic view that the Korean-Japanese opposition has no hope of calming for a short period of time; the headline of the North Korean daily newspaper has no breakthrough. The Korean and Japanese newspapers reported on the title, saying that Abe (the prime minister) has expanded the front line of the levied labor ruling, pointing out that this matter has intensified concerns about the rugged Japanese-US-Korean cooperation in North Korea; the Korean National Daily alleged that Japan even I sue this card to ICJ and put pressure on Korea.

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