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American spies love to watch Soviet military parade? Obtain valuable information and have been deceived

Reference News Network reported on January 8th The US National Interests website published on December 30, 2018, Michael Peck's report on why American spies like to watch military parades in the Soviet Union.

The report stated that during the Cold War, American spies collected a lot of valuable information from watching the Soviet military parade. Because in the large-scale activities such as the parade on the Victory Day, the Soviets will display their latest weapons and equipment, and the army will pass the reviewing platform in an impeccable formation and accept the review of the Soviet politicians. Western analysts watched the military parade intently, trying to determine where the political trend of the Kremlin was by who was sitting on the review desk.

The purpose of the military parade was to highlight the military strength of the Soviet Union, to impress the world, and to show the Soviet public where their money was spent. For Western intelligence agencies, such activities are even more a godsend. As everyone knows, it is not easy for foreign spies to work in the Soviet Union – monitoring is everywhere and foreign tourists are closely monitored. As for high-tech, reconnaissance planes such as the U-2 may be shot down, and spy satellites have their own limitations.

Despite this, the Moscow Red Square military parade provided a lot of information for Western spies. According to the NGO National Security Archive: High-resolution photos of aircraft, satellites and even handheld cameras flying over the airspace enable the West to make accurate estimates and collect important information from all sides. The organization published an American declassified intelligence document on the Soviet military parade, identifying the military units involved in the military parade to help obtain combat information. The Soviet officials who appeared on the review desk, their interactions and speeches gave people a better understanding of the political and military leadership of the country, and Western Soviet experts wanted to get the information.

The report said that the Soviets knew this, but they could not resist the opportunity to hold a military parade. The National Security Archive stated: Although the Soviets were unwilling to accept any form of surveillance, these concerns clearly did not overwhelm their collective pride and their determination to show the military power to the world.

Sometimes the results are shocking. For example, the 1954 Victory Day parade allowed Western observers to first see the M-4 bomber (NATO codename Bison) and the Figure-16 bomber (ie the bomber). A military parade in 1962 showed three new ballistic missiles, a T-62 tank and an unprecedented anti-tank missile. The CIA document showed that an engineer painstakingly drew all kinds of details, including carefully drawn drawings and notes, and marked the details of the location of the radio antenna such as the missile launch vehicle.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union can also use these military parades to fool Western intelligence agencies. The most famous example is the so-called US-Soviet bomber gap: In a military parade in 1955, the CIA observed that the Soviet Air Force dispatched as many as 10 M-4 'Bison' strategic bombers each time, and formed a formation flying over the sky. (Actually, the same bomber formation flew over the Red Square six times in a row – this net note), which made them mistakenly think that the Soviet Union had a much more strategic bomber than the actual number (the CIA mistakenly thought that the Soviet Union had 600 bison, the actual Soviet Union was only equipped at the time). 23 aircraft - this net note).

A CIA analysis report issued a warning accordingly: These circumstances indicate that the Soviet heavy bomber program is far more advanced than we have estimated. The incident also triggered a strong reaction from the US political circles, arguing that the United States lags behind the Soviet Union in terms of bomber strength. But in fact, what the Soviets did was to send 10 Buffalo bombers to participate in the military parade. The sight of the parade on the parade allowed the 10 Buffalo bombers to turn around and re-float the same route, pretending they were another new bomber formation.

So, what if the president of Trump spends about $92 million and holds a military parade in 2019? The American public may see a wonderful performance to divert their attention to other issues. It can be speculated that the United States will not show off its most secret weaponry, although it is conceivable that under such circumstances, the government will certainly pressure the Pentagon to show the latest and most powerful weapon of the United States for political considerations. equipment.

Russian spies will be very grateful for these moves.

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