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"Yellow vest" New Year's rebound

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 7th (Global hotspot) Yellow vest New Year's rebound, Mark Long soft and hard application

Xinhua News Agency

The first weekend of 2019, the yellow vest demonstrations came back in France, and about 50,000 people took to the streets to protest. French President Mark Long sternly condemned the violence that took place among them.

Analysts believe that the Yellow Horse vestment has rebounded in the New Year's scale, and the spearhead points to the reform plan that Mark Long himself and the government have promoted. It also indicates that the game around reform in 2019 may enter a normalization.

News facts

Yellow vests held on weekends On the 5th, the first round of demonstrations in the New Year was held in Paris, France, and in the provinces of Rouen, Marseille and Lyon.

According to the statistics of the French Ministry of the Interior, about 50,000 people participated in the demonstrations on the same day, the number of people increased compared with the previous round of demonstrations, but far less than the more than 280,000 people in the first round of demonstrations. Among them, about 3,500 people participated in demonstrations in Paris.

On the afternoon of the 5th, under the impact of demonstrators, the French government spokesman Benjamin Grivo, who said that the government would not weaken the reform efforts, was forced to leave the office with some assistants.

A Parisian police source said that the police arrested 34 demonstrators on the same day.

On the night, Mark Long posted on social media Twitter, condemning the new round of yellow vests for violence against the French government. He said that these extremely violent acts attacked French guards, representatives and symbols, and those who committed violent behaviors forgot the core of the spirit of the citizenship.

He also called on everyone to regain calm and to engage in discussions and dialogue.

Deep Analysis

From the scale and extent of the new round of protests, the Mark Long government's series of concessions in December last year produced certain effects.

However, France's long-term economic weakness, high unemployment rate, and the difficulty of maintaining the traditional high-welfare system cannot be reversed in the short term. After taking the stage, Mark Long promoted tax cuts and social welfare reduction for high-income groups. The dissatisfaction of the middle and lower classes detonated by the reform measures may not be moderated at one time. Therefore, although the yellow vest movement has achieved its original intention of opposing the rise in fuel taxes, it is still difficult to completely calm down in the short term.

The rifle of the yellow vest from the protest fuel tax to the reform plan promoted by the Mark Long government and even Mark Long himself, the voice of demanding his resignation, also indicates that the game between the support of reform and opposition to reform forces may be normalized or more intense. .

From the standpoint of Mark Long and others since the New Year, Mark Long will continue to implement the reform plan. On the one hand, the Macao government strives to quell demonstrations, strive for a background sound of moderate reform, and on the other hand, distinguish between demonstrators and crack down on the saboteurs who deliberately create violence to try to retain more people's support for reform. .

Instant comments

At the beginning of the new year, the yellow vest movement did not stop, affecting not only the economy, but also the normal order of society, and the complexity of the prospects for the reform of the Mark Long government.

The contradictory mentality of French society towards reform has not only caused social differentiation, but also delayed the implementation of reform.

How to strengthen the political and social stability while implementing the reform plan is the biggest challenge for Mark Long in 2019.

Background links

Since November 17, 2018, some French people have taken to the streets in Paris and other provinces to protest against rising oil prices. During the protests, some violent elements took the opportunity to smash in famous attractions or shopping areas such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, and the Spring Department Store, causing many violent conflicts. The Macaron government has decided to cancel the plan to raise the fuel tax this year, but has not yet quelled dissatisfaction.

A poll last year showed that Mark Long's public opinion support rate fell to 18%, the lowest since taking office. (Participating in reporters: Zhang Wei, Bao Xuelin, Han Bing, editor: Feng Yuxi, Sun Hao)

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