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The British Parliament has decided to vote on the Brexit Agreement on the 15th. May: If vetoed, it will push the UK to the "unknown field".

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 7th, the British Parliament will vote on the 15th of this month before the United Kingdom and the EU reached a Brexit agreement.

In November last year, the UK and Europe reached a Brexit agreement, but the agreement was strongly opposed in the UK. British Prime Minister Teresa May postponed the vote that should have been held in the middle of last month. The BBC said it is expected that the vote held in the middle of this month will not be postponed again. More than 200 members have sent a letter to Teresa May, hoping to avoid a non-agreement of Brexit. However, the current situation of the Brexit agreement in the parliament is not optimistic, Teresa May warned that if the parliament veto the Brexit agreement, it will push the UK to the unknown.

According to the German photo report on the 7th, due to concerns about the economic uncertainty brought about by Brexit, many Britons are getting EU national passports before they officially leave the European Union. Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and other countries are favored by the British. Even the number of British applicants for passports from Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, which have been looked down upon by the British, is skyrocketing. Reuters said on the 6th that the latest poll shows that if the referendum is held again, more people will vote for Europe than for Brexit. (Qianwei Aomu)

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