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The United States and the DPRK are the second "special gold club" site selection. Foreign media guess may be around China.

Reference News Network reported on January 8 Foreign media said that US President Trump said that he is currently negotiating a venue for another summit with North Korea.

According to the BBC website on January 6, Trump told reporters in Washington that he is having a good dialogue with North Korea, but the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang will continue.

In June 2018, Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the first time the US president met with North Korean leaders.

The report said that so far, no substantial progress has been made in the US's main goal, North Korea's denuclearization.

Trump said last week that he had received a great letter from Kim Jong-un, but he did not disclose the details of the letter.

He told reporters at the White House on the 6th: We are negotiating the meeting place.

He said: It may be announced in the near future. They really want to meet, we also want to meet, we will look at the next situation.

He said that the United States had a good dialogue with North Korea and said that he had an indirect dialogue with Kim Jong-un.

Trump said that unless the United States sees very positive results, US sanctions will be fully implemented.

The report said that at the US-DPRK summit held in Singapore in June 2018, the leaders of the two countries signed an agreement on joint efforts to realize the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. However, the agreement did not mention the timetable, the relevant details and any mechanisms used to verify the process.

The report notes that Kim Jong-un said in his New Year speech that has drawn close attention from all sides that he is still committed to denuclearization, but he warned that if the United States does not lift the sanctions, he will consider taking another path.

According to the report of the Korea Central Daily News website on January 7, US President Trump said on the 6th that the DPRK and the US are negotiating around the venue of the summit. However, President Trump still said that he will continue to impose sanctions on North Korea.

Before, CNN reported on the 3rd that the Trump administration is stepping on the candidate sites for the second US-DPRK summit. According to reports, the Trump administration dispatched a stepping team to a number of candidate locations, including Asia, in the weeks leading up to 2018. CNN specifically pointed out that diplomats and experts studying North Korea generally believe that Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, the United States, Hawaii and the demilitarized zone between the ROK and the DPRK are all possible candidates for talks.

In addition, according to the report of the Yonhap News Agency on January 7, the Labor Party of the Workers' Party of Korea published a social commentary on the 7th, stressing that it is a national responsibility to make the peninsula a peaceful zone, and called on South Korea to stop joint military exercises with other forces and other countries' strategies. Military assets entered South Korea.

The article pointed out that eliminating the danger of the war in the peninsula and creating a peaceful environment are necessary conditions for developing relations between the ROK and the DPRK. If the South Koreans want to join hands in the road to Kangzhuang, they cannot allow joint military exercises with external forces and the strategic military assets of other countries to enter the peninsula. According to the article, even if a good atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation projects are created, all kinds of military provocations will ruin all efforts.

The report said that North Korea's foreign media has also published a commentary article on the 7th that must fundamentally liquidate military hostile relations, saying that the South Koreans should actively take action to completely stop all hostile acts in the sea, land and air, and eliminate the wars throughout the peninsula. Threat.

North Korea's top leader Kim Jong-un said in his New Year's greeting on the 1st that the establishment of a permanent peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula is the consistent position of the DPRK, calling on the ROK to take substantive measures to stop the hostile military actions in the land, sea and air, and pointed out that South Korea should stop Joint military exercises with external forces and strategic military assets of other countries settled in South Korea.

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