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Indian scholars called Newton Einstein: We have studied stem cells thousands of years ago.

The News Network reported on January 8 that British media said that Hindu mythology and religious theory are increasingly becoming an integral part of the annual Indian Science Conference agenda, but scientists say that the speeches being held at this year's conference are more than The past years have been even more shocking.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website reported on January 7, at the Indian Science Conference unveiled by Indian Prime Minister Modi, the Vice President of the University of Andhra Pradesh, India, Nagshwar Rao cited an ancient Hindu epics serve as evidence that stem cell research was invented in India thousands of years ago. He also said that the demon king Ramayana in this Hindu epic has 24 aircraft and an airport network in Sri Lanka today.

Another Dr. KJ Krishnan from a university in Tamil Nadu, southern India, said that both Newton and Einstein were wrong, and the gravitational wave should be renamed Narendra Modipo. He also said that Newton did not understand gravitational repulsive force, and Einstein's theory was misleading.

In this regard, critics say that ancient literature is worth reading and appreciation, but it is nonsense to say that they are science. The Indian Association of Scientific Congress also expressed its serious concern about the above statement.

President of the Indian Science Congress, Premendu P. Mathur, told AFP: We disapprove of their views and do not support their remarks. This is regrettable.

In 2018, Indian Minister of Primary Education, Satyapar Singh, said at an awards ceremony for the engineering award that the plane was first mentioned by humans in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. He also said that the first aircraft was invented by an Indian named Shivakar Babuji Talpad, eight years before the Wright brothers.

In 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi told a health care worker at a hospital in Mumbai that the story of the Hindu god Ganesha shows that plastic surgery has been done in ancient India. The Minister of Education of Rajasthan in western India said in January 2017 that it is important to understand the scientific significance of cattle because it is the only animal in the world that inhales both oxygen and exhaled oxygen.

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