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Russian Defense Ministry: Russian ship is monitoring the US landing ship entering the Black Sea

China News Service, Moscow, January 7 The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 7th that the Russian frigate is monitoring the US landing ships entering the Black Sea.

The news said that the US Fort McHenry landing ship entered the Black Sea on the 21st of Moscow on the evening of the 6th and entered the port of Constancha, Romania at 9:30 on the 7th Moscow time. The Russian Black Sea Fleet Guardian frigate is taking comprehensive measures to monitor it.

The news said that the Fort McHenry landing ship contained about 500 US Marines.

The Interfax news agency quoted sources as saying that the Fort McHenry landing ship was under the protection of the Turkish Coast Guard vessel and entered the Black Sea through the Strait of Istanbul.

According to the Tass news agency, Franchetti, commander of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet, said earlier that the Fort McHenry landing ship entered the Black Sea, confirming the US security of the Black Sea and strengthening the relationship between NATO allies and partner countries. The determination also shows the strength and flexibility of the Sixth Fleet.

According to Russian experts, the experts said that since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea's Kerch Strait last November, the United States and other NATO ships often sailed into the Black Sea, with the purpose of declaring the international attributes of the Black Sea. .

The Black Sea is a land-based sea between southeastern Europe and Asia's Asia Minor Peninsula. There are important cities in Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries along the coast. According to the relevant treaty, warships in non-Black Sea countries can stay in the Black Sea for no more than 21 days.

According to Russian media, the US Air Force strategic drone carried out several hours of reconnaissance flights on the Russian Black Sea coast on the 7th.

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