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Newton, Einstein are all wrong? Indian Science Conference

The five-day 106th Indian Science Congress was recently opened in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Indian Prime Minister Modi attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, emphasizing that scientific research should be combined with the promotion of social development and committed to improving humanity. Lifestyle and quality. But some of the scientists' comments made people stunned. Some even said that Newton and Einstein's theories are wrong.

According to media reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Times of India, Krishnan, a scientist from Tamil Nadu, suggested that Newton and Einstein's theories are wrong, even though they are all geniuses. Newton's theory cannot answer the question of gravitational exclusion. Einstein's theory cannot answer the question of quantum entanglement, and I have perfected their theory through research. In addition, Krishnan also proposed such strange ideas as the Higgs boson is not a particle of God, and he will be the first to define power. Coincidentally, another scientist from the University of Andhra, India, Rao cited the Hindu mythology epic Mokpo Bordo as evidence of stem cell research found in India thousands of years ago. He also said that the demon king mentioned in another Hindu classic Ramayana has 24 different types of aircraft, and Sri Lanka (the devil king lives in Sri Lanka) is the stranger saying at the airport at that time.

This incident has not only attracted widespread attention from media in India and abroad, but also raised discussions on the seriousness of science in local social media. In response, the Times of India quoted the Indian Science Conference as saying that the Organizing Committee of the Scientific Assembly expressed serious concern about the above statement. The BBC said that the Indian scientific community has recently emerged a trend to integrate theological religion into scientific discussions.

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