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France is ill, exposing the weakness of the four major countries! Trump still does not forget to fill the knife

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The sick repubic.

This is the headline of an article in the Washington Post. In the center of the picture, the Arc de Triomphe, shrouded in tear gas, a large group of protesters wearing yellow vests, is fighting fiercely with the French police.

This photo should be fairly gentle. I looked at the nearest network in a rough way. During the few days of business trips, the French sea was not calm. The original Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées and other landmarks seemed to have become a battlefield.

It was a peaceful protest at the beginning, and then it was smashing and smashing. Various slogans were flying all over the sky, including even the banner of the Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants. It was a bit of a time to reverse and laugh.

France is ill and Paris is burning. According to the media, this is the most violent demonstration in Paris in 50 years.

Fifty years ago, it was 1968. What happened to the East and West in those years, I will not discuss it here. Everyone can go to find a mother.

The 41-year-old Mark Long suffered the most violent protest in 50 years. What is the fuse?

The fuel tax is raised!

According to the explanation of the Mark Long government, the fuel tax is raised, and the starting point is also good. In order to fulfill the Paris climate agreement, encourage the use of clean energy, develop a low-carbon economy, and so on.

And, it's not too much to add taxes. From January 1, 2019, gasoline will increase by 0.029 euros per liter, and diesel fuel will increase by 0.065 euros per liter. After conversion, each liter will rise by three or four cents.

But apparently, the consciousness of the French did not keep up with Mark's footsteps. After the introduction of the plan, it was a protest from all over France.

In France, protests are also the norm. There is a saying that the French are a nation of spring work, summer vacations, autumn strikes, and winter holidays.

This French protest was held on Saturday, Monday to Friday, and went to work after a day of rest on Saturday. This kind of protest is also very French.

But Mark Long apparently did not expect that the protest quickly went out of control. People are not just protesting to raise fuel taxes,

Ambulance drivers collectively went on strike to protest against a reduction in government-related bailout funds.

French farmers want to protest and demand that the government stop increasing the burden on farmers.

The French General Labor Union issued a call for immediate increases in labor wages, allowances and social insurance coverage...

As a result of the recent G20 summit in Argentina, because of the negligence of the Arab side, when the Markon plane arrived, the official of the Afghan party was not present, so that when the hatch was opened, the first one who shook hands with Mark Long was actually a Argentine ground crew wearing a yellow vest.

So, in France, many people ridiculed that Mark Long thought that going to Argentina could escape the protests of the yellow vest, but never expected that the first one to wait for him in Argentina was the yellow vest.

The protests are escalating, dissatisfaction is spreading, and the French government, which feels bad things, has to soften. French Prime Minister Philippe has come forward to appease the people. The fuel tax will be postponed for six months. The price of electricity and natural gas will not be raised this winter. The government will also openly discuss issues such as taxation and public spending.

Philippe also said something like this: Without any taxes, it is worthwhile to unite the country in danger.

This is a relatively heavy statement.

Amazing thing is that Mark Long has just been on the stage for more than a year. More than a year ago, the public was quite fond of this young president. The support rate was 66% when he took office. But with such a toss, Mark Long is now It is called by the people, and the support rate is only about 25%.

For the post-70s leader, the reality is really cruel!


France is ill and is very sick.

Simply talk about your own shallow views. I always feel that this is not a simple protest. It exposes the weakness of the old capitalism of France. There are four aspects:

Soft ribs, the French have a high degree of governance in the world, but the development of the economy is helpless.

In the past few days, the United States is holding a state funeral for President Bush. Bush ended the Cold War and won the Gulf War, but he was the only US president who did not re-elect after Reagan. It was not that Bush did not want to do it, but in the 1992 general election, he lost to the young boy Clinton.

The most famous campaign slogan of Clinton was: stupid, the problem is the economy.

A few cents of tax increase, the French are very upset. In the final analysis, there is still a problem with economic development, and public grievances are boiling. Don't look at international issues, the French leaders seem to have more assertions than any other country, but the development of the economy is really helpless.

The French economy grew by only 0.3% in the third quarter, almost stagnation; the unemployment rate was as high as 9%. In Paris and the surrounding areas, many young people could not find jobs.

Development is the last word. If a country or a nation is caught in a stagnant economic development, even if the slogan is moving again, it will be a big problem sooner or later.

Soft ribs, the French will enjoy romance, but the spirit of struggle is not enough.

The French are the most romantic people, and this seems to be the consensus of the whole world.

The other side of romance is actually enjoying. Therefore, even if it is a protest strike, it will protest one day in a week. The protests are actually very tired, so we have to take a day off on Sunday so that we can slow down and go to work.

So, if you ask Paris if it is not safe, it should be safe overall, and it is not safe on Saturday.

In the past, with the advantage of the market economy and the resource endowment and innovation, the French people's days are not as good as those of Germany, the United States and Japan, but they are not much different. But eating old books always has to be eaten, and it is inevitable to be dumbfounded after eating.

In this world, after all, there will be no pies in the sky, and you will get as much as you struggle. Why is Trump very annoyed recently, GM has to shut down the factory, the reason is simple, GM employees are high welfare and low efficiency, how this compares with Japanese companies, compared with other countries.

The problem with GM is actually a common problem faced by many old capitalists such as France. High welfare is good, but high welfare also lazy a lot of people, but also caused the overall lack of struggle spirit.

Moreover, high welfare means high taxes, and the French are already unbearable. Therefore, even a few cents of tax increase, it became the last straw to overwhelm the camel.

Soft ribs three are too insensitive to changes in public opinion, and decisions are too advanced to the consciousness of the people.

Frankly speaking, Mark Long's administration has been a good one for a year, for example:

Marklong advocates building an independent European army. Although the Netherlands and other countries do not support it, in the long run of history, Europe cannot always rely on the United States, and the United States is indeed unreliable. The European army is a matter of time.

Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, and Mark Long insisted on fulfilling the treaty, including the fuel tax that caused this uproar. The starting point was also to deal with climate change and to deploy new energy, which is related to France's future competitiveness.

But still so many people marry Mark Long, why?

Politics must understand the hardships of people's livelihood and be consistent with the general public. The starting point of the fuel tax is good. There are really not a few cents, but the average public feels different. How do you always add taxes, taxes and taxes? You are moving their cheese.

So, reform is also a revolution, and it is still difficult to touch the interests than to touch the soul.

As for climate change, frankly, many people are not aware of it. Otherwise, Trump will not retreat without hesitation, and he is filthy that climate change is a conspiracy by the Chinese.

Seeing the World News quoted a demonstrator: Mark Long always talks about the end of the world, and we are faced with how to get through this month.

Mark Long, Mark Long, you have to wait for your people.

Soft ribs four, French society is tearing, and Trumpism is actively exporting.

The worst protests in France in 50 years. This is a relatively neutral expression. If we refer to Western standards, it can be said that the Yellow Horse Revolution broke out in France.

Behind the revolution, that is the tearing of French society. The representative of Mark Long is naturally an elite. Many French people now call him the rich president, because some of Mark Long's policies, including the reduction of real estate taxes, are considered to be relevant to the rich.

All kinds of good for the rich; not for the poor.

This may not be true, but on social media, continuous fermentation has become mainstream public opinion. The opposition between this elite class and the ordinary people exists in many countries nowadays, not only in the United States, Germany, Britain and the United Kingdom, but also in many developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

What makes Markon even more glaring is that there is a special factor that Trumpism exports to Europe.

Trump and Mark Long almost broke openly because of issues such as values. In the recent 100-year commemoration of the First World War, in the face of Trump, Mark Long warned: Be wary of narrow nationalism, because nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.

Marcon is very artistic and has no name. But everyone knows that the United States is Trump's slogan first; and Trump also publicly declares that I am a nationalist.

So, Mark Long is in trouble, and Trump naturally does not forget to send special care. He said on Twitter: I am very happy, my friend Mark Long Paris protested the masses to agree with the conclusion I made two years ago...

What is Trump's conclusion? It is climate change that is a scam.

This was originally the French internal affairs. Trump couldn't help himself. He also wanted to degrade Mark Long and encourage condolences to affirm the Parisian masses.

And, Trump also forwarded a tweet that described the streets in Paris, where the demonstrators shouted: We want Trump.

The meaning is also very clear: Mark Long, you can't, you see, you French people want me to lead.

Of course, many people immediately debunked, Trump forwarded this tweet is fake, because shouting that we want Trump, it is not this Paris parade, but the former British extreme right Organize a party.

But Trump doesn't care, forwarding means attitude, and it doesn't make a difference.

In the next few years, the output of Trumpism will probably be a worldwide problem, especially for old Europe.


Returned from a business trip abroad, recently stopped in the jet lag, worked abroad for a few days, the jet lag; it was almost the same, and then returned to China and then the jet lag. I don't want to be long and cumbersome. Finally, a few small points:

1, history does not have an end. The tea party storm in the United States a few years ago, and now France is the yellow vest movement, indicating that history has no end. In this world, without a perfect society, we need constant painful reforms. If we do not reform, it will be a dead end.

2, looking up at the stars, you need to be down to earth. Leaders' hooliganism is indispensable, but learning Trump's grassroots spirit will never go out of style. Leaders must have a vision, but they want to be bold and can't be too advanced.

3, small people's livelihood is a big event. Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn the boat!

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