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Ukraine tests new cruise missiles near the Black Sea, and Russia responds with military exercises on the same day.

On the 5th, local time, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Committee Secretary Turchinov announced that Ukraine tested a new cruise missile in the Odessa state near the Black Sea and tested new cruise missiles, hoping to strengthen the Black Sea. And the coastal defense of the Azov Sea.

According to the Kiev Post on the 5th, Turchinov said that the test was successful and the missile successfully destroyed the target within 280 km.

The task now set for the missile is to verify the distance and accuracy with which it hits the water target. A total of 8 launches were made, destroying 8 water targets. Tucciov said that he also pointed out that the Ukrainian military has set up a shore defense system with the help of the upgraded C-125 missile system.

At the same time, the Russian side also responded accordingly. The Russian Defense Ministry said on the 5th that it is conducting naval and ground-to-air cruise missile exercises in the Black Sea, and dispatched two ships, Rostov-on-Don and Stary Oskol. Test, escort and destroy marine and onshore targets for emergency deployment exercises.

Reuters reported that the Turkish Navy had previously issued a navigational warning. During the period from December 3 to 9, there may be shooting exercises in the Black Sea. At the same time, the Russian Black Sea Fleet spokesperson announced that the Pantsir mid-range ground-to-air cruise missile system was being drilled in eastern Crimea, but did not indicate whether it was related to the Ukrainian incident and did not disclose the start and end time. .

On November 25, three Ukrainian naval vessels were detained by Russia in the direction of the Black Sea towards the Kerch Strait. The 24 people on board were successively arrested by the Russian court. The Russian-Uzbek conflict has intensified. Since then, Ukraine has declared war in a region in eastern Ukraine that may be hit by Russian military strikes.

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