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Old Bush State Funeral: Bush's tears and tears intertwined with his father's farewell to the four presidents' subtle interactions

Former US President George W. Bush left his father, former President George W. Bush, in tears and tears on Wednesday. He said that people would miss his father's integrity, sincerity and kindness. In the end, he even said that he would like his best father and his recent death. Mother reunion.

Old Bush died on November 30th. The state funeral ceremony was held on Wednesday, including the current President Trump and the former Presidents Barack Obama, Clinton and Carter.

When Bush published a essay, he did not forget to show his self-deprecating sense of humor in his commemoration. He mentioned that Bush was not good at dancing, and he was very picky, especially not broccoli. His father's shortcomings were passed on to him. .

For the Bush couple, the biggest pain in his life was when his daughter Robin Bush died at the age of 3. Bush recalled that when he grew up, he realized that his father had never forgotten his sister Robin. He prayed for her every day under great sorrow. He always believed that one day he would once again embrace his beloved Robin.

Old Bush's wife, Barbara Bush, died in April this year. Bush said that although his father was strong, he knew that his father always wanted to hold his mother's hand again. He couldn't help but grieve at the end of his mourning, and he whimpered to his father: (You are) a great, noble person, the best father for children. Although sad, let us smile and say goodbye, you will hold Robin again, take the mother's hand.

When Bush mourned his father, he also mentioned that Bush taught him a special lesson, that is, as a president, serving the country with piety, leading the country with courage, and fighting for the country with compassion. Where is it.

Bush Bush said that whenever his father succeeds, he will share glory with others, but if he fails in setbacks, he will shoulder it; Bush can get along with anyone and be considerate. He values ​​people's character, Not pedigree, not cynical, he always sees everyone's good side, including Clinton who beat his father in the presidential election that year. Bush said that his brothers and sisters finally regarded Clinton as a family of brothers and sisters.

Many foreign heads of state and representatives attended Bush's state funeral. When the former Canadian Prime Minister Martin Brian Mulroney, who had fought with Bush, made a eulogy, he mentioned the past of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). When we and the old When Bush played against, we knew to be in contact with an outstanding, determined and courageous gentleman and true leader.

The broadcast footage shows that Trump, who attended the National Funeral Ceremony, sat down on the stage, listening to the people remembering the old Bush, sometimes with his hands around his chest, and sometimes looking straight ahead, without too much expression, and the first lady Melani next to her. Ya did not have much interaction.

Trump has always believed that NAFTA is the worst trade agreement signed by the United States. Although it was finally signed within Clinton, many of the negotiations were conducted during the Bush administration.

After the state funeral ceremony, the Old Bush Lingbi will be transported back to Houston, parked at St Martin's Episcopal Church, and then buried in the private cemetery of the President Bush Library.

Details: Four Presidents' Subtle Interactions

The funeral of the old Bush, the political politicians who split the political position rarely have a quiet day, and observe the subtle interactions, there are subtle differences between the close and the distant. After Bush arrived, he shook hands with the Trumps and other outgoing presidents and wives, but Bush only quietly handed him out of his pocket when he shook hands with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Like the throat candy, I saw Michelle smile and accept it.

After the Trumps arrived at the scene, both of them shook hands with the Obamas in the neighbourhood. Although the two were far from the Clintons and Carters, Melaniya did not forget to wave to the four people, Trang. Pu Ze did not turn to the direction of the Clintons.

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