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The Bush State Funeral Ceremony was held in the United States. Bush praised it as "near perfection".

China News, December 6th, comprehensive report, on the 5th, the 41st President of the United States, Bush's state funeral ceremony was held at the National Cathedral in Washington, and current and former politicians including US President Trump were present. participate. His son, Bush, eulogized, saying that his father is close to perfection.

Trump, Merkel and other political figures attend the National Funeral Ceremony

At 10 am local time on the 5th, the old Bush Lingling, covered with the American flag, was carried out of the rotunda of the US Capitol by eight US soldiers. The coffin has been on display since the 3rd for the public to show goodbye. At 11 o'clock, the coffin arrived at the National Cathedral in Washington, and the Bush family waited in front of the church.

The guests attending the ceremony have different identities, from world politicians to celebrities from all walks of life, and even the repairers at the Bush House. Trump and four former presidents - Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush and Carter - all accompanied their spouses. In addition, there are a large number of international politicians, including German Chancellor Merkel and Crown Prince Charles of England.

After the death of George W. Bush, Trump announced the 5th as the National Day of Mourning, commemorating the 41st President of the United States by lowering the flag.

On that day, all federal agencies were temporarily closed, the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq stopped trading, and the US Postal Service stopped sending regular mail.

Little Bush: Father is close to perfection

The scene of state burial, international politicians and celebrities from all walks of life have published eulogy. His son, George W. Bush, finally published a high-profile eulogy, saying that his father is close to perfection. Bush said that his father taught him how to be a leader.

He showed me how to be a president of integrity and integrity, to go forward, and to serve the American citizens with love. When writing history books, they would say that Bush is the great president of the United States. He says.

Little Bush also told people that my father's last words are that I love you too. He said that on the evening of the 30th, he passed a loudspeaker in his home in Dallas and said goodbye to his father, Bush. He told him that he was a great father, he loved him, and Bush answered that I love you too.

After the speech, George W. Bush walked back to his seat and tapped his father's coffin twice.

The state funeral ceremony lasted for about two hours. At 1:20 pm, the old Bush family witnessed the departure of the hearse carrying the Bush Bush.

Trump has not made a eulogy

Trump did not speak at the ceremony. This is the first time since the 1973 burial of the 36th US President Lyndon Johnson, the current president has not made a eulogy at the funeral ceremony of the late president. Clinton gave a eulogy to Richard Nixon, and Bush gave a speech mourning Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

After the state funeral ceremony, the remains of the old Bush will be transported to the nearby Andrews Joint Base, where they will fly to Houston. On the 6th, Bush will be buried in the Bush family cemetery, and will be buried with Barbara, who had been in the 73rd year, and Robin, the early daughter.

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