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The atmosphere of several US presidents at the funeral of Bush, Hilary Trump ignored each other

The Bush Bush funeral was held at the National Cathedral in Washington on Wednesday. The current President Trump and three former Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter attended the event. The foreign media caught the subtle details on the 5th, and several presidents sat together. Not only that, Hillary had no expression on the funeral and had no eye contact with Trump.

The British Daily Mail stated that the Clintons and the Trumps were separated by two seats.

When Trump and Melaniya arrived at the National Cathedral in Washington, they walked past Hillary and prepared to take a seat, while Hillary firmly looked straight ahead and looked blank.

According to the seat, Trump sat in the first seat of the first row of the Washington National Cathedral, next to the first lady Melania.

Melania is next to former President Barack Obama, former First Lady Michelle, then Clinton and Hillary.

Melania shook hands with the Obamas and Clinton when they reached the first row of seats. Trump only shook hands with the Obamas and did not interact with the Clintons.

Compared with Trump's indifference, US Vice President Burns and the Clintons had a good intention and shook hands before the Trumps arrived at the church.

The report said that when a row of leaders was waiting for the coffin of the former president's body, the atmosphere seemed to be very tense. They all looked straight ahead and said nothing.

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