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The prospect of the Brexit agreement is not optimistic. EU officials: preparing for a contingency plan

Chinanews.com, December 6th Comprehensive foreign media news, the prospect of the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament is not optimistic. On the 5th, after the motion of the parliament was passed, the British government announced all legal proposals for the Brexit agreement, and Prime Minister Theresa May was again frustrated.

On the other hand, EU officials said that the EU has been continuously preparing for a contingency plan to deal with the possibility of the British parliament rejecting the draft agreement.

The British government is facing an arduous struggle to get Teresa May's Brexit agreement with the European Union to be supported by the parliament. The British House of Commons will vote on the draft of the Brexit Agreement on the 11th after a five-day debate.

On the 4th, the British Parliament passed the motion with 311 votes in favor and 293 votes against, saying that the government's legal proposal that did not announce the Brexit agreement was a contempt for the parliament and should be announced immediately.

On the 5th, the British government announced all legal proposals for the Brexit agreement. The report said that this made Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May again frustrated. This move may make it more difficult for the UK government to reach the European Union's Brexit agreement.

If the agreement is rejected in the parliamentary vote on December 11, there may be a series of results, including the UK leaving the EU without a transitional agreement, re-election, or holding a second referendum on Brexit. However, Teresa May has ruled out these possibilities.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond warned the Parliamentary Finance Committee that it is dangerous to reject the Prime Minister's plan. An economic analysis released by the British government last week showed that the situation similar to the Brexit agreement only caused a small amount of damage to the economy compared to staying in the EU.

In my opinion, any solution that causes the country to split and a large number of people feel betrayed will have negative political and social impacts, far exceeding the very small economic impact of the white paper scenario. He said to the committee.

EU officials said on the 5th that in response to the British Parliament may veto the draft of the Brexit agreement between the government and the EU, the EU has continued to prepare for the contingency plan.

The European Commission's Vice President of Euro Affairs, Valdis Dombrovskis, told reporters on the same day: We have to look at what the British Parliament is discussing. We are working on an agreement. We have reached an agreement with our government. We want to make sure that it can be implemented – at the same time, we also have a backup plan.

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