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French Prime Minister said he gave up raising fuel tax

Overseas Network December 6th According to Reuters, French Prime Minister Philippe said on the 5th local time, the French government gave up the plan to raise fuel tax. Just the day before (4th), Philippe announced that it would postpone the fuel tax for six months, while suspending the implementation of the unified diesel tax and gasoline tax, and clarifying that the price of natural gas and electricity will not be raised this winter.

Philip said the French government is ready to talk. The plan to raise the fuel tax has been removed from the 2019 budget.

In response to climate change, the French government has raised the fuel tax this year and plans to continue to raise the fuel tax from January 1 next year. Mark Long insists on a fuel tax to reduce France's dependence on fossil fuels and to fund renewable energy investments.

However, the matter caused a huge controversy. Some French people took to the streets of Paris to protest against rising oil prices, during which protests were deliberately exploited by some violent elements. The violent elements took the opportunity to smash in famous scenic spots or shopping areas such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, and the Spring Department Store, causing the most serious riot in France for more than a decade. Many protesters wore the yellow fluorescent vests that Mark Long stepped down, so this demonstration was also known as the Yellow Horse vest protest. (Compile / Overseas Network Liu Qiang)

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