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This year the US government reproduces a big scandal! The old case of the sexful sex offender was brought to the White House

10 years ago, the text of the textbook level, the American sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, has recently returned to public view. The super rich had been accused of invading dozens of underage girls, but with money and connections to get a light sentence. He even sued the victim's lawyer, saying he was filthy. Today, the case has been re-examined, and even the current US government has been dragged into the water – the key gentleman who helped Epstein offend the crime, the current Minister of Labor, Acosta.

According to the Washington Post on the 5th, on the 4th local time, Epstein temporarily announced an apology to the defendant before the civil case against the former victim lawyer Edward. He said through lawyers that the false accusations of the year were to obstruct the progress of the case.

The Associated Press reported that Epstein is one of the most successful financiers in the United States. In 2007, he was accused of sexual assault and abuse of underage girls. An island he purchased in the Caribbean was dubbed by the media as a fornication island. The case sensationalized American society. If convicted, Epstein could have been imprisoned for life. However, Epstein has a wide network of contacts in politics and the judiciary. He is a former wife of Clinton. Epstein heavily hired a legal team and private investigators to force the parties who tried to testify in court, and even harassed the case-handling department for up to a year. He did his best to dig deep into the black material of the case-handling staff and his family, and sue the plaintiff's lawyer, Edward, to hinder the progress of the case.

In the end, the prosecutor who accepted the case, the current US Secretary of Labor, Acosta, and Epstein reached an absurd non-prosecution agreement. According to the agreement, Epstein pleaded guilty to his two misdemeanours and reached a settlement with other victims, losing money. Afterwards, many victims were screamed, and Epstein only received one year and one month of open imprisonment, and he was able to go out during the day while serving his sentence.

After more than a year, the Miami Morning Herald re-investigated the juvenile sexual assault case and found many loopholes and doubts. The newspaper pointed out that the victims were unaware of the non-prosecution agreement, and this alone is completely contrary to the US Federal Crime Victims' Rights Act. The matter even alarmed the US Congress - 15 Democratic Party members jointly signed a letter to the Ministry of Justice last Friday, requesting a re-investigation of Acosta and the old case. At the same time, two of the victims of the year also filed a lawsuit against the US prosecutor for intentional violation of federal law. In the eyes of American public opinion, this matter is a big scandal for the current US government. Acosta has always been regarded as the successor of former Attorney General Sessions. As of now, Acosta has not yet commented on the case.

The suspected lawyer, Edward, said that the next step would be to overturn the non-prosecution agreement and let all victims testify in court. Florida Democrat Shertz issued a statement: In this case, victims and even all American citizens have the right to know why justice is absent. (刘皓然)

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