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For the first time in the history of the British government, it has been sentenced to contempt for the passage of the parliament.

The British Parliament has had a five-day debate on the Brexit agreement since the local time on the 4th, but on the first day, British Prime Minister Teresa May suffered a major setback. Due to the refusal to publish the full text of the legal proposal for the Brexit agreement, the British Parliament voted on the same day and the Mei government defied the parliament. Public opinion believes that the Brexit agreement is already controversial in the UK, and the government's contempt for the parliament's actions may add to the prospects for the adoption of the agreement.

According to the British Times reported on the 5th, on the first day of the Brexit agreement debate, the largest opposition party Labour Party in the United Kingdom proposed a motion, arguing that the Mei government did not publish the full text of the legal proposal is contempt of the parliament and should be announced immediately. Earlier, the British Attorney General Cox had published an overview of the legal proposal and said that the publication of the complete document would undermine the confidentiality of the document. But this has caused dissatisfaction with other political parties, accusing the government of not publishing the full document is to hide some secrets. It is understood that this proposal analyzes the legal effects of the Brexit agreement between Teresa May and the EU. In the end, the motion was approved with 311 votes in favor and 293 votes against. This is the first time in the history of the British government that it has been accused of defying the parliament. It is said that the authorities will publish the full text of the legal opinion on the 5th local time. Subsequently, the Conservative MP and former British Attorney General Griff proposed an amendment to give parliamentary powers. Once Teresa May's Brexit agreement was rejected by the parliament, the parliament would have the right to vote for other options. This proposal was finally passed. The British Parliament will hold a final vote on the Brexit agreement on the 11th of this month. The British media commented that the results of the British Parliament's vote on the 4th were obviously a serious setback for the Teresa May government. If the Brexit agreement was rejected in the 11th vote, then the parliament will have a greater say in the Brexit issue.

According to the British Daily Star reported on the 5th, Spain's Princess Elena frigate broke into the waters of Gibraltar on the 4th and played the national anthem of Spain to swear sovereignty. The Royal Navy subsequently sent a scimitar-class patrol boat to intercept it. A spokesperson for the Gibraltar government characterized the Spanish Navy's behavior as an invasion. Previously, Spain had threatened to veto the British Brexit Agreement because of disputes over the sovereignty of Gibraltar in the United Kingdom.

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