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Fight to the end! On December 8th, the French "yellow vest" will come back again.

Don't breadcrumbs, you want the whole bread! French Prime Minister Philippe announced on the 4th that he would postpone the fuel tax to appease the angry yellow vest protesters, but the people who have already turned their fingertips to President Mark Long and his rich tax policy are not buying it. While accusing the government of reacting too slowly and lacking sincerity, the demonstrators claimed to fight to the end and will continue to hold protests this Saturday. According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 5th, the French government said on the same day that it is possible to further compromise the people and even consider re-conquering the controversial tax.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 5th, although Philippe made concessions on behalf of the government, many protesters thought the move was too weak and came too late. Demonstrators wearing yellow vests returned to the streets on the 4th. They blocked several fuel depots and occupied a highway toll station near the southern city of Aubagne, allowing drivers to travel free of charge. Agence France-Presse said that Benjamin Goch, who claimed to be the leader of the yellow vest sports, said that this is only the first step taken by the government, but the French people not only want to get some breadcrumbs, but also want to get the whole bread. The French do not need to give alms. If Markron can't change the direction of the policy, then vote again. In short, don't be afraid to parade again this Saturday.

In addition to the yellow vest protest, two railway workers' unions have called on employees to start a new round of strikes at 22:00 on Sunday. In addition, a large number of students have been protesting in recent days, while supporting the yellow vest movement, while condemning the government's increasingly strict university admission requirements. According to the statistics of the French Ministry of the Interior, a total of 188 high schools in France were blocked by protest students, and dozens of them were unable to start classes on the 4th, which was the most serious in Marseille. The French Federation of Agricultural Operators Union also said on the 5th that a protest will be held next week to support the yellow vest movement. In the face of possible continued demonstrations, Paris Mayor Hidalgo said on the 5th that the people's march will not be banned, but the necessary security measures will be arranged.

The French Liberation Daily conducted a comprehensive observation of online public opinion on the 5th, saying that the Prime Minister's suspension order did not seem to convince anyone. According to the report, since the protests began, the social networking sites have been the distribution center for the yellow vests scattered around. In the various yellow vest contact groups, the Prime Minister's statement on the 4th was not widely recognized. Most people responded to this: No, Saturday, Paris, seeing a sport in our region on Saturday, only a handful of netizens are satisfied with the government's concessions. Many French people agreed to continue protests on Saturday until the government resumed the tax rebate and promised to increase the minimum wage substantially. Many netizens are dissatisfied with the slow response and procrastination of the Mark Long government. They are just trying to slow down their plans. Let us sleep this Christmas holiday. Some people say that if the government does not really meet the demands of the people, after six months, we will let the 'yellow vest' come even harder!

The mainstream opposition, represented by the French Republican Party and the Socialist Party, is also dissatisfied with the government's concessions, saying that the compromise is too small and the concession is too late. Republican lawmaker Damian Abad said that the French do not have a perfunctory pause, but a radical change. Some members also angered President Mark Long himself. Renault Museliye, president of the Southern French opposition coalition, said: Because Markron did not listen to the voice of the people in the most critical time, France and us are in danger. Prime Minister Philip is now sitting in the ejection seat. The tough left-wing politician Jean-Luc Melang said that the abolition of the fuel tax and the restoration of the rich tax are the only way for Markon to regain the trust of the people.

A few hours after Philip announced the policy of appeasement, Mark Long inspected a burnt government building in Le Puy, France, on the evening of the 4th local time, and was questioned by a large number of people. The US Bloomberg News Agency said on the 5th that this is the first time that Mark Long has visited Paris outside the protests since the protests. Since returning to the G20, Mark Long has not publicly expressed his position on the protest. The latest polls show that Markron's support rate is low, falling to 23%.

AFP said on the 5th that the French government said on the same day that it was prepared to make further concessions to the yellow vest protesters, and may even withdraw the controversial motion proposed last year to reduce taxes for high-income earners. French government spokesman Benjamin Grivo said on the 5th that the real estate wealth tax (rich tax) will be assessed from now until the end of next year. All tax policies need to be evaluated. If it doesn't work, we are not fools. Work around. However, he also said that the government did not cancel the huge tax, but reformed it. He said: Tax cuts are meant to encourage investment in the real economy, not a gift to the rich.

Yellow Vest The sport lasted for nearly 3 weeks and has seriously disrupted the daily life of the French. At present, there are serious problems in the supply of oil in France. On the night of the 4th, there were some oil shortages or all oil cuts in more than 700 gas stations nationwide. Public opinion believes that even if the government makes concessions now, the aftermath of the movement will be difficult to eliminate quickly. According to a survey by the Figaro newspaper, 56% of French people are preparing to shop online this year as the yellow vest movement affects business operations and concerns about street violence continue to spread. However, the strike in the transportation industry will also affect the logistics industry. For the French, this Christmas is bound to be unusual.

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