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New Delhi's incursion is not severely punished. The city government was severely punished by $3.5 million.

Indian officials said on Tuesday that environmental agencies will impose a fine of $3.5 million on the New Delhi municipal government. Agence France-Presse said on the 5th that the Indian National Green Court issued the ticket to New Delhi because there is evidence that the city's supervision of the polluting industry is weak, resulting in the existence of open burning of hazardous waste. The ruling said that the New Delhi municipal government needs to inform the court how to continue to deal with the smog crisis that plagued the city every year.

It is reported that every winter, New Delhi is enveloped in extremely polluted air that exceeds 30 times the safety value, and has become the most polluted city in the world. Severe air pollution causes about 1.1 million Indians to die each year.

To suppress smog, the New Delhi municipal government has shut down some power plants and banned heavy trucks, and accused surrounding areas of burning crop stalks causing soot to spread to New Delhi. (Wang Huicong)

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