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Pompeo's ultimatum to Russia was strongly attacked. Russian experts suggested deploying missiles to Latin American countries.

U.S. President Trump's threat to withdraw from the China-Treaty Treaty in October has the following: his Secretary of State, Pompeo, issued an ultimatum to Russia at the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting on December 4: if Russia is within 60 days Continuing to violate the China-Treaty Treaty, the United States will suspend its obligations under the Treaty. If the United States believes that it should have weapons under the limits of the China-Guide Treaty, Russia will do the same - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 5th that Russia is opposed to the destruction of the treaty, but if the United States withdraws from the treaty, Russia will be forced to respond. . He disclosed: Before the US President Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the China-Israel Treaty, the United States had set aside funds for the development of missiles restricted by the treaty in the defense budget... Their next step was to push the fault to Russia. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed at a regular press conference on the 5th that the China-Brazil Treaty is still of great significance today, and unilateral withdrawal will have negative effects in many aspects.

Ponpeo's ultimatum immediately caused a huge rebound in Russia. Russian military science Dr. Sivkov told the Russian News on the 5th: This is the ultimatum that requires us to stop producing the 'Iskander' missile system, while the United States deploys Mk on its naval vessels in the name of anti-missile defense. The -41 system is capable of launching 'Tomahawk' missiles. He said that Washington's withdrawal from the China-Brazil Treaty is to prepare for the nuclear war and that Russia's Sarmat strategic nuclear missile and Poseidon deep-water unmanned submersible can destroy the entire United States and make the nuclear war launched by the United States significance.

Russian MP Bondev said to the Russian News Agency on the 5th that if the United States withdraws from the China-Treaty Treaty, Russia will respond by accelerating the development and deployment of unique weapons. The United States has indicated its unwillingness to engage in an equal dialogue with Russia. But what I need to remind is that China is not the country that signed the treaty with the United States that year. Today Russia has grown and other methods are unacceptable except for equal dialogue and mutual concessions. Russian Defense Minister Shayugu said on the 4th that in view of the U.S. plan to withdraw from the China-Israel Treaty, the Russian military has already discussed the issue of improving the combat capability of the Russian military and will maintain the necessary speed of updating its weapons and equipment.

According to the Russian Interfax news agency on the 5th, the former director of the International Military Cooperation Bureau of the Russian Defense Ministry, Iwasov, said that it is unlikely that the current treaty will be retained. If the United States withdraws, Russia can adopt a series of response measures. Among them, Russia's missiles targeting US territory include not only strategic missiles, but also medium-range missiles and cruise missiles. These missiles can be deployed in Cuba or other Latin American countries. However, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov responded on the 5th that Moscow did not have the idea of ​​deploying missiles in Latin America.

Europe is worried about the new round of the Russian-US arms race. We do not want the new nuclear weapons to escalate. German Foreign Minister Maas stressed on the 4th that the ultimatum of the United States indicates that the treaty has not yet ended. Dutch Foreign Minister Bullock said: We believe that it is wise to continue to work hard to maintain the treaty and leave Russia behind.

The British Financial Times commented on the 4th that this is the first time that the United States has proposed a time to withdraw from the pilot treaty. This statement paves the way for the United States to develop new weapons that are not compliant.

What if Russia ignores the ultimatum? Germany's Der Spiegel magazine said on the 5th that Russia's developing system makes Europe feel restless because Moscow will be able to launch an attack against Europe without warning. Europe is also very worried that once the treaty is broken, the United States will once again deploy missiles on a large scale in Europe, which is a direct threat to Europe. The madness of the arms race is about to return to Central Europe. The Frankfurt Review of Germany said on the 5th that if the Americans withdraw from the treaty, China and the EU may once again become a nuclear battlefield. Who can stop it? There is no satisfactory answer. People want Trump and Putin to do the same thing as Reagan and Gorbachev more than 30 years ago, but maybe this is just wishful thinking.

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