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Oil tanker and gas station explosion near Rome, Italy, 2 deaths and 17 injuries

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, December 5th A gas tanker and gas station in a small town near Rome, Italy, had an accident that killed two people and injured 17 people.

According to the Italian Ansha news agency, the accident occurred in the northern town of Falain Sabina in northern Rome. A tanker exploded during the unloading process at the gas station, which led to an explosion at the gas station. Two people were killed and 17 injured in the explosion and fire. The injured were taken to hospital for treatment, and six of them were seriously injured.

Also reported by the Italian Broadcasting and Television 24-hour news channel, one of the deceased was a firefighter involved in the rescue. The person in charge of the local police said that the firefighters entered the scene after the fire tank exploded, but then the gas station exploded, causing some people injured.

The live video of the Italian media show that the burnt tanker wrecked over the roadside and the smoke was on the scene. Local residents said the explosion was like an earthquake.

The Italian Civil Defence Agency issued a message on the social media to express condolences to the two victims. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Dimayo sent a message on the social media to express condolences to the wounded and rescuers.

It is reported that the cause of the fire and explosion of the tanker is still unclear, and the police are investigating.

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