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U.S. issued an ultimatum to Russia on the "Guide to the Treaty"

U.S. President Trump's threat to withdraw from the China-Treaty Treaty in October has the following: his Secretary of State, Pompeo, issued an ultimatum to Russia at the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting on December 4: if Russia is within 60 days Continuing to violate the China-Treaty Treaty, the United States will suspend its obligations under the Treaty. If the United States believes that it should have weapons under the limits of the China-Guide Treaty, Russia will do the same - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 5th that Russia is opposed to the destruction of the treaty, but if the United States withdraws from the treaty, Russia will be forced to respond. . He disclosed: Before the US President Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the China-Israel Treaty, the United States had set aside funds for the development of missiles restricted by the treaty in the defense budget... Their next step was to push the fault to Russia. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed at a regular press conference on the 5th that the China-Brazil Treaty is still of great significance today, and unilateral withdrawal will have negative effects in many aspects.

On the 4th, the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Brussels was filled with the atmosphere of the Cold War. Pompeo said at the meeting that the United States has shown great patience in the past. Since 2013, they have told the Russians face to face at least 30 occasions. Violation of the pilot treaty will have consequences. Pompeo also said that the new Russian cruise missile not only has nuclear weapons capabilities, but also has a range of more than 500 kilometers, which is a material violation of the central guide treaty, and the missile also directly threatens tens of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of millions of people stationed in Europe. civilian.

Ponpeo said that if Russia continues to default, Washington will no longer exercise self-restraint and will suspend its obligations under the treaty until Russia returns to full and verifiable compliance.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said he would regret the demise of the China-Brazil Treaty, but said that Russia's actions have left the Western allies no choice. He also echoed the desire of European countries to avoid a new arms race and promised to have a measured and thoughtful response to the end of the treaty.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said on the 5th that he has received documents alleging that Russia has violated the China-Treaty Treaty. She said that Russia is firmly opposed to violating the China-Treaty Treaty and is prepared to talk to the United States on the basis of mutual respect, rather than on unfounded accusations and ultimatum. Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said on the 5th that Washington manipulated the facts and accused Moscow of violating the China-Treaty Treaty. Its real purpose is to withdraw from the treaty.

The so-called 60-day deadline is very deceptive. In fact, it is only an excuse. Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on the 5th that the United States' departure from the China-Treaty Treaty is a manifestation of the US unilateralist policy. The established policy is to lift the restrictions imposed by any international treaty on the development of medium-range missiles by the United States itself. Therefore, this is actually a decision that has already been made, using Russia's breach of contract to demonstrate the rationality of the United States' withdrawal from the China-Israel Treaty. The purpose is to make the outside world's doubts less, even if Russia removes the missiles at the request of the United States within 60 days. The United States will not stay in the middle treaty.

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