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EU invites Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Milan to meet with Ukrainian unity signal?

U.S. President Trump's threat to withdraw from the China-Treaty Treaty in October has the following: his Secretary of State, Pompeo, issued an ultimatum to Russia at the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting on December 4: if Russia is within 60 days Continuing to violate the China-Treaty Treaty, the United States will suspend its obligations under the Treaty. If the United States believes that it should have weapons under the limits of the China-Guide Treaty, Russia will do the same - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the 5th that Russia is opposed to the destruction of the treaty, but if the United States withdraws from the treaty, Russia will be forced to respond. . He disclosed: Before the US President Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the China-Israel Treaty, the United States had set aside funds for the development of missiles restricted by the treaty in the defense budget... Their next step was to push the fault to Russia. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed at a regular press conference on the 5th that the China-Brazil Treaty is still of great significance today, and unilateral withdrawal will have negative effects in many aspects.

On the 4th at the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting, in addition to the China-Vietnam Treaty, Pompeo also used Russia's Karachi Strait conflict to pressure Russia. He said that in response to Russia's aggression against Uzbekistan in the Kerch Strait, NATO member states will adopt a collective and comprehensive response. According to a Russian news report on the 5th, a senior US State Department official said that if Russia does not release the Ukrainian personnel detained in the Kerch Strait, waiting for Russia will be painful and serious consequences, and the United States will not sit idly by illegal actions against Russia. For Russia to release the Ukrainian soldiers, Peskov said on the 5th that the criticism of Russia due to the Kerch Strait incident cannot be a reason for canceling the punishment for those who violated the national border law. He also said that the Russian Foreign Ministry will respond later to the US State Department's statement.

Russia said on the 5th that Ukrainian President Poroshenko called on Western countries to impose Azov sanctions on Russia and called on NATO to increase its deployment in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. On the 6th, the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mogherini, will meet with U.S. Foreign Minister Kremkin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the issue of the Azov Sea in Milan, Italy. Mogherini said on the 5th that the invitation of U.S. Foreign Minister to attend the EU foreign ministers meeting on the same day is to show that the EU and Ukraine are united in difficult times. On the 5th, Putin answered the reporter's question about why he did not have a phone call with Poroshenko because he did not want to participate in his election campaign.

According to the Russian Independent Report on the 5th, in order to prevent the Ukrainian army from launching aggression against the Crimean region, the Russian Black Sea Fleet's warships and submarines have begun exercises in the south of the Kerch Strait. These submarines are equipped with caliber cruise missiles that can destroy 1,500 km of targets. Li Haidong told the Global Times that the security situation in Europe was already complicated: the United States has been engaged in NATO's eastward expansion, while using the Ukrainian crisis to marginalize Russia and deploying anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe. There is no doubt that if the United States withdraws The guiding pillar of the treaty and maintaining the security of Europe will further collapse and form a proliferation effect, which means that the security situation in Eurasia and even the world will be greatly negatively affected by the practice of the United States.

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