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Fight Trump? CNN claims that satellite imagery captures the operation of North Korea's secret missile base

The US cable news network announced on the 6th that its exclusive satellite image shows that there is a lot of activity in the Yeongjeo-dong long-range missile base in the northern mountainous area of ​​North Korea and a nearby secret base that was previously unknown.

cnn said that the new North Korean base discovered by the satellite is about 7 miles away from the Yongzongdong base, which was not publicly confirmed before. Satellite imagery shows that the Yeongjeo-dong base and this new location remain active.

cnn also said that the US State Department refused to comment on their new findings on the grounds that they did not discuss intelligence information. The Pentagon said that we are very concerned about North Korea and will continue to support the diplomatic process, but will not discuss intelligence issues.

Responding to North Korea is one of Trump's most important diplomatic achievements in 2018. Considering CNN and President Trump's deep holiday, Trump does not rule out one of the motivations of CNN's exclusive secret. .

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