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Space, network and electromagnetic waves, the Japanese government plans to invest in cutting-edge defense technology

The Japanese government held a meeting on the security and defense of experts at the Prime Minister's residence on December 5 (the chairman is the chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry). At the meeting, the Japanese government presented the draft elements of the new defense development guidelines for the defense development plan to be formulated during the year, which clearly indicated that it will focus on new areas such as space, network and electromagnetic waves and cutting-edge defense technologies.

According to the report of the Japanese Kyodo News on December 5th, regarding the security environment in which Japan is located, the draft pointed out that the severity and uncertainty are increasing at a particularly fast rate. In response, the draft pointed out that it will strengthen its defense at a different speed than before, and propose that it will also acquire and strengthen the defense in new areas.

In view of the current situation of population decline and aging of the youngest, the draft said that the number of self-defense players will be ensured by increasing female players and postponing retirement, and on the other hand, the unmanned defense equipment will be promoted. The draft also proposes a policy of thorough management of costs in the face of severe financial conditions.

The symposium approved the above. The final meeting will be held next week, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the relevant cabinet will attend.

Participants exchanged views on the basic concept names of the overall content of the outline. The basic concept of the current syllabus developed in 2013 is the flexible use of the comprehensive mobile defense of the Land, Sea and Air Self-Defense Force. Some experts have suggested that the concept of integration should be retained, and others believe that cross-domain concepts including new areas such as space should be added.

The Japanese government is striving to finalize the new syllabus and medium-term defense plan during the cabinet meeting in the middle of this month (mid-term defense)

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