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US talk show host: After Bush died, he was better treated by the media.

The US Daquan News Network reported on December 5 that Rush Limbo, the famous American talk show host, slammed that the American media's attitude towards him after the death of President George Herbert Walker Bush was more than his life. Be better.

He made the comment on the Fox News Night show.

When Bush took over as president, these media never treated him like this. He said that these media are quite vicious to him, just as they treat each Republican with vicious and partisan prejudice. I think that for these people, the media is just a tool, so that they can compare President Donald Trump in their hearts with the old Bush they said.

He also said: Since the current goal is to get rid of Donald Trump, these media can indeed guide this by depressing public opinion... What they can do is to make their mouths look great. And how to compare it to Trump's current approach.

The reason why they praised Bush was because they said that Bush is a person supported by the two parties. He would oppose the Republican Party he is in, so he is a good person. This kind of remark is simply nonsense.

It is reported that Rush Limbo is the first mouth in the United States and is controversial because of the spicy style of his words. He once said that black people are backward classes and that foreign immigrants have returned to their hometowns. He believes in conservatives. The basic doctrine was that during Obama's administration, he attacked Obama himself and the Democratic Party.

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