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Japanese media: The Japanese defense outline is intended to be written into the development of laser air defense systems, and the use of "aircraft carrier"

Japanese government sources revealed on December 5 that the Japanese government has begun to coordinate and plans to develop a new defense output construction guideline defense plan at the end of the year, which will be developed to use large output that destroys targets with high-energy illumination. Power laser's air defense system. Regarding the concept of the carrier of the Izumo frigate, which was once the focus, the Japanese government plans to locate the frigate for multi-purpose use in the outline.

The Kyodo News reported on December 6 that there were comments that the Japanese government intended to abandon the use of the name of the aircraft carrier because of concerns about Japan's departure from the defensive policy. In addition to the F-35B, the most sophisticated stealth fighter capable of vertical landing, it is also used as a base for disasters and to have a hospital ship. However, in the opinion of Japanese public opinion, the fact that the Izumo will actually become an aircraft carrier has not changed.

High power lasers can be imported at a lower cost. It is envisaged to illuminate attacking small drones and mortar shells to implement interception. This is the most advanced technology called the rule changer that subverts the common sense of defense. In the future, long-range cruise missiles and cutting-edge stealth fighters will also be included. There are also opinions that high-priced equipment is not required at that time, and the unity of future equipment introduction plans may be questioned.

According to relevant sources, in recent years, there have been successive attacks in the world that cannot be dealt with by previous defense measures, such as remotely maneuvering multiple drones equipped with bombs to detonate at low altitude. In addition to the terrorist forces such as the State and the extremist Islamic State (IS), it is easy for ordinary people to buy drones. Considering that this threat is likely to increase, the Japanese government intends to promote laser research and development.

The Japanese government plans to increase the power of 50 kilowatts in the research to date to 100 kW that can shoot down drones and mortars. After that, it is also intended to increase the power to more than 300 kilowatts capable of intercepting missiles. The ability to track flying objects in order to achieve illumination will also be enhanced.

The laser is a kind of light. It is characterized by the fact that compared with missiles and machine guns, the speed is overwhelming, and there is no worries. It is said to be invisible to the naked eye when used for air defense. The system uses electricity as an energy source. It has been suggested that if development progresses, the cost per exposure will only be about 100 yen (about RMB 6).

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