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A powerful storm will sweep across the southern United States and other places or large-scale blackouts

China News, December 6th, according to US media reports, on the 5th, a storm system in California is strengthening, it is expected to become a powerful storm for 6 days from the US West Coast to the East Coast It will sweep the southwest and the central part of the Atlantic.

The US National Weather Service warns that the storm will affect tens of millions of people during the 2,500-mile move, causing heavy snow and ice, as well as precipitation that could cause flooding, and may cause one or two tornadoes.

The report said that snow will occur in at least a dozen states, and more than 20 states will face heavy rains. In addition to the inconvenience of road trips, it is likely that there will be large-scale blackouts.

Before the storm swept, most parts of the country still faced cold weather. Meteorologists said that on the morning of the 5th, 80% of the 48 states had temperatures below freezing. Also on the 5th, a weaker storm will affect the central part of the Atlantic. Southern New Jersey is expected to drop 3 inches of snow. In Washington, there may be snowfall on the evening of the 5th.

At the same time, a powerful storm in California will bring heavy rain on Wednesday, which may cause flooding. After the storm brought some rain and snow to the southwest on the 6th, it is expected to intensify on the 7th and bring heavy snow and freezing rain to parts of northern Texas and Oklahoma. Snowfall in cities such as Amarillo, Texas may be one foot. The weather channel warned that ice accumulation in some areas may be enough to cause damage to trees and power outages.

In southern Texas, heavy rain and thunderstorms can cause dangerous floods. The storm may also be strong enough to produce sporadic destructive gusts and tornadoes.

On the 8th, parts of Arkansas and Missouri will face freezing threats. Most parts of the southern United States from Texas to the two cards will experience heavy rains and floods on the 8th.

To 9 and 10, this long storm will enter the Appalachian Mountains, the Mid-Atlantic states and the Northeastern United States. A large amount of snowfall is expected in the mountains of North Carolina, West Virginia and Victoria, and some forecasts say snowfall can reach 1 to 3 feet.

This storm may have some impact on the big cities in the central and northeastern Atlantic, but its exact path and potential snowfall are unpredictable. People in the eastern part who are tired of cold weather will have a breathing opportunity next week, when the temperature is expected to rise.

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