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German media: Japan restarts the construction of a new base for the US military in Okinawa or triggers local protests

Reference News Network reported on December 5 Deji said that Japan suddenly resumed the construction of a new military base in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture. It is expected to trigger a new wave of protests from local residents. Whether the Governor of Okinawa County will be in the center of the local bar will also become the focus.

According to the report of the German Voice Radio website on December 4, the Japanese government announced on December 3 that it will restart the construction of the old field base in the southern part of Okinawa Prefecture on December 14 and said it will start on the same day. The pre-transportation of sand and gravel soil is to store enough sand and gravel soil before December 14 to start land reclamation as scheduled.

The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei said at the press conference: After the start of the work was informed by the Okinawa Defense Bureau, based on the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, we know that the new project is being carried out in the ancient area of ​​the wilderness.

In the local area of ​​Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, where sand and gravel soil was transported, more than 50 residents received early news and stood in front of the entrance of the local sandstone company to protest. In the shout of the removal of illegal construction, these protest residents were lifted off the scene by the police.

The Okinawa Prefecture governor Yucheng Danny, who had just served for two months, issued a statement emphasizing that it is illegal for the central government to start such a strong start. In the future, it will seek a serious protest from the pipeline and the central government.

There is still controversy in the local area for the start of the project.

The report said that Japan's construction of the Bianno ancient base was planned to be replaced in 2006 by the Futenma Air Base. Established in 1945, the Futenma Base has been the fortress of the US Air Force for many years, with the United States Marine Corps First Air Wing of about 6,500 people.

However, for decades, due to the over-exploitation of Futenma, the population has exceeded 100,000. The American bars and fast-food restaurants in the city are everywhere, and the noise of aircraft taking off and landing has become a nightmare for local residents. In addition, there have been many incidents of harassment of women in Okinawa, which has caused widespread dislike of the US military base and allowed Japan to discuss the migration plan with the US military.

According to the new plan, the ancient coast of the wilderness near the Swakop base in the north-central part of Okinawa will be reclaimed into a new land of about two Tokyo Disneylandes. In addition to the construction of two runways, there are new facilities such as fuel trestles, revetments, and ammunition-loading areas that were not available in the past Futenma base, which greatly enhanced the US air and naval capabilities.

The report said that the largest US military base in Japan is the Kadena base in Okinawa Prefecture and the largest military base of the US military in the Far East. It has two 3,700-meter-long airstrips, second only to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, and Kansai International Airport in Osaka, and the 18th Wing of the US Air Force Fifth Air Force.

With media analysis, the Bianye Ancient Base is an important part of the US strategic strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. Once it is built, it will become a large-scale land, sea and air trinity military base that will hold the throat of East Asian countries. It will monitor Russia with the Kadena base all the time. Military actions by countries such as China and North Korea.

However, the migration of the ancient base of the wilderness has attracted a lot of rebounds from the Okinawa people. The reason is that the ancient coast of the wilderness is rich in natural coral reefs and sea creatures, many of which are endemic to the endemic species. In terms of humanities, there are relics that have been confirmed but not yet excavated, such as the Okinawa Stone Age and the streets of the Ryukyu Dynasty.

According to the current statistics, about 18.2% of the island of Okinawa is a US military base. Many local residents have been expecting the US military to return the land. However, the Japanese central government negotiated with the US military to build a new base to achieve the goal of returning the Futenma base, and many residents felt deeply deceived by the government.

Many residents set up a rally at the beginning of each month of the month, and protested from the squatting tour bus to the Swakop base in Bianyegu. At most, there were thousands of people. In the center of Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, there was a protest conference that had held tens of thousands of people, and asked the US military to stop building the base in the wilderness.

But the Japanese central government decided to build a base in the border town based on its own defense needs, which triggered the dissatisfaction of the Okinawa prefectural government. In November, the newly appointed Okinawa Prefecture Governor Yucheng Danny, at the end of November, indicated that he would hold a referendum on February 24 next year and use public opinion to protest with the central government.

The report said that Okinawa was once devastated by the war in World War II. When the US military's Okinawa landed in the battle, it was estimated that the US military killed 80,000 people, and the Japanese army was nearly 100,000. More Okinawa people were recruited by the then Japanese empire as drivers and logistics workers, and if necessary, collectively self-determined. At one time, there were figures that nearly 150,000 Okinawa people died in World War II.

After the war, the US military, as a victorious country, entered the Okinawa and established a large number of military bases. Although it has driven some economic development, many Okinawa people still hold complex emotions to the US military.

The report said that in the face of the sudden measures of the Japanese central government, there will be a series of protests in Okinawa residents in the future. Now that the situation in East Asia is still rampant, will the military construction of Japan and the United States in Okinawa once again trigger the drama of the central government of the Okinawa government? Everything is of concern to Asian countries.

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