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Japan lists three conditions for network counterattacks, recognizing that there are still gray areas.

Kyodo News Agency said on the 4th that when the Japanese defense center Iwamo was attacked by the cyberattack at the press conference that day, how did the Self-Defense Force respond? It is said that if the three conditions of 'exercise force' are met, the network can be counterattacked. He also said: There are still grey areas of regulations, and research is being done on how to deal with them.

Rock House stated that the Self-Defense Forces can exercise their right to self-defense in the event that cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and threats to national life and freedom. However, he acknowledged that there is no clear definition of cyberattacks in the world, and the defensive province will focus on individual specific judgments.

The report said that the Japanese government plans to include the network counterattack capability in this month's summary of the new defense construction guidelines. When asked if the syllabus would clarify the conditions for the cyber counterattack, the Rock House replied that there is no such plan yet.

All three conditions for the Japanese government's exercise of force mentioned in the report include that the survival of Japan is threatened. There is no other appropriate means to protect the nationals only necessary and minimally exercised. (Chen Shan)

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