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Taiwanese media: American farmers are suffering from a trade war for a year, patience is about to run out

Reference News Network reported on December 5, Taiwan media said that since the beginning of the beginning of 2017, the trade war has destroyed the rhythm and expectations of American farmers sowing and harvesting. Some farmers have felt enough, even those who have been cautiously optimistic about the trade war, saying that their patience is running out.

According to Taiwan's United News Network's report on November 4th, the New York Times reported on the US government's marginal policy on trade issues in the past year's experience of Knop, a farmer in Gypsom, Kansas. Practice has a major impact on ordinary American farmers.

Knof is 40 years old and lives on his own farm with his wife and three children. Like many farmers in the agricultural state of the United States, he completed soybean harvesting before snowfall in November and began applying for emergency relief, the US federal government. A $12 billion emergency relief fund was set up to ease the impact of trade wars on farmers.

Knof said that for years, family farms like him have always worried about the price of grain, the tightness of loan quotas, and extreme weather. Now he has one more worry: trade war.

The report said that Knop is the fifth-generation peasant. He said that since he worked in agriculture for 18 years, the trade war was the first and most serious trade dispute he had experienced.

He is increasingly skeptical about the US government's policies. At the beginning of June this year, his idea was: We are willing to give President Trump an opportunity. This is not the same method. He is changing something and let us allow him to try. Last week, he said: It is frustrating. We have not seen significant progress. The trade war has reduced the income of American farmers, the United States has imposed tariffs on foreign steel, and has greatly increased the cost of farmers' machinery. Knoff said: We are double-struck.

The report said that when planning for next year's planting project, this kind of planning needs to start from the year before the harvest, and it will be affected by factors such as future prices.

Knof said that if there is still no improvement before the planting season, I think that everyone's feelings will soon get worse, and everyone's patience is about to run out.

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