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Japanese media: Tokyo site inspection again arrested former Nissan chairman Ghosn

China News, December 5, according to Japanese media reports, on the 4th, the Tokyo Local Prosecutor's Office Special Search Department will basically arrest the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Carlos Ghosn, on the grounds that it is in the fiscal year ending 2017. In the three years, the suspicion of a total of about 4 billion yen (about 240 million yuan) in the securities report was aggravated.

Special Search has previously arrested Ghosn on the grounds that it has written less than 5 billion yen in its report and suspected of violating financial commodity trading laws.

The report said that it is expected that the prosecution will once again arrest Ghosn and his cronies and former representative director Greg Kelly, who are considered to be conspiring, on the same day. The special search department will negotiate with the higher authorities to make a final judgment. According to the analysis, the total amount of unreported compensation may be about 9 billion yen.

In addition, it was learned from relevant persons that Ghosn's remuneration will start from the 2010 fiscal year, including the part that is intended to be retired and not included in the report, and the amount may increase year by year. The special search department is increasing the number of prosecutors and other measures to promote the final stage of the investigation.

The Cabinet Order of the Financial Commodity Exchange Act stipulates that a record of the time when the estimated amount of remuneration is specified is recorded. According to relevant sources, Ghosn said that on the basis of acknowledging the failure to write a report, the payment of remuneration after resignation has not been determined, and it is not necessary to record it in the report and deny the suspicion. Kelly also made the same confession.

On the other hand, the Special Search Department confiscated a number of documents with the amount of remuneration after retirement. It also includes documents with signatures such as the date of production and Ghosn, which the Special Search Department considers to be important evidence that the payment was determined at the time.

Ghosn's remuneration was approximately 10 billion yen in the five years ending in FY2014, but the report of the securities that were falsely recorded as approximately 5 billion yen was submitted to the Kanto Finance Bureau, and the two were arrested. . It is reported that, including the undocumented part, it has risen almost from less than 2 billion yen in fiscal year 2010, and is close to 2.5 billion yen in the past two years.

According to the regulations, the remuneration of Nissan's directors is decided by the chairman of the board of directors and the representative directors, but Ghoen's concurrent chairman is considered to be actually decided by him.

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