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Ecuador's Vice President announces his resignation

Xinhua News Agency, Quito, December 4th The Ecuadorian Vice President Maria Alejandra Bicuni, who is undergoing judicial investigations for corruption, announced his resignation as vice president on the 4th.

Bikuni said in his resignation that this was a well-thought-out decision. She stressed that Ecuador needs political stability to continue its development and hopes that President Moreno will find a more suitable candidate to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the vice president.

Bikonia said that from the beginning of her post as vice president, she has been subjected to rampant attacks and political smearing. In the future, she will maintain her reputation and legitimate rights as an ordinary citizen rather than a vice president.

Ecuador President Moreno announced on the 3rd that he would stop the vice presidential position of Bikonia so that the latter could respond to the judicial investigation without interference, and announced that the post was temporarily reserved by the President of the Presidential Palace, Jose Agusto Bu. Riones agent.

Bikunia's assistant during his time as a member of the National Assembly disclosed that he was forced to pay a certain monthly fee as an organization's funds to retain his position while serving as an assistant to Cunha, but this money was Entered Biconia's personal account. The Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Ecuador has conducted a judicial investigation against Cunha. Biconia said that the charges against her were political conspiracy and political smearing.

Bikonia was elected Vice President in the elections held at the Ecuadorian National Congress (Parliament) on January 6 this year.

According to Ecuadorian law, the resignation of the Vice President is subject to approval by the National Congress. After approval, the President shall recommend three vice presidential candidates to the National Assembly and vote in the parliament. The winner is elected.

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