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Japan refers to the South Korean Supreme Court labor case judgment violates international law and requires the Korean side to correct

According to the report of NHK TV on December 5th, the plaintiff's defense lawyer asked Nissin-Shinjinjin Co., Ltd. to agree to conduct negotiations on the judgment of forced labor issue during World War II. In response, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei said at a press conference on the 4th that he would not comment on the activities of the plaintiff's defenders and supporters one by one.

Zi Yiwei also stressed: Japan has asked the South Korean government to take immediate and appropriate measures, including correcting violations of international law arising from the judgment of the Korean court. We want to know clearly how the Korean government will respond specifically. In any case, we will work closely with relevant companies, and the Japanese government will maintain a consistent position and make a proper response.

In addition, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono Taro said on the 4th: Do not evaluate this matter. The position that Japan should uphold has been repeatedly mentioned. Japan asked South Korea to correct violations of international law as soon as possible.

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