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Japan's mid-term draft outline proposes to introduce large unmanned submersibles

The Kyodo News Agency reported on December 5 that the Japanese government's draft of the new mid-term defensive force plan (medium-term prevention plan), which was compiled this month, was written into a large-scale unmanned person who will automatically navigate and collect information in the sea. Submersible. In addition to the framework of the new defensive construction guidelines for the defense plan, the Japanese Defense Ministry plans to present it to the ruling party on the 5th.

The report stated that the Japanese government has paid great attention to the flexible use of unmanned equipment with high alert monitoring capabilities from the perspective of strengthening island defense. In the mid-term defense, in addition to the development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and lasers, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks against radar and communication functions will be written to strengthen countermeasures.

On the 5th, a symposium on the safety and defense of the ruling party's new outline working group (WT) and experts set up by the government will be held. The Japanese government will explain the contents of the outline.

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