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The Lebanese President asks the military to pay close attention to the situation on the border between Lebanon and Israel

Xinhua News Agency, Beirut, December 4th Lebanese President Michel Owen ordered on the 4th that the Lebanese army and security authorities should pay close attention to the situation in the southern Lebanon-Israel border area.

The Lebanese Presidential Palace issued a statement on the same day saying that after Israel announced the launch of the North Shield operation to destroy the cross-border tunnel built by Hezbollah in Lebanon, Orn paid attention to the development of the situation on the southern border of Lebanon and separately with Speaker Berry, Prime Minister Hariri and Li Jun. The commander, Joseph Orn, telephoned the situation and evaluated the situation based on the existing information on the size of the Israeli military operations.

Owen also discussed the situation on the border between Lebanon and Israel with the US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard.

Li Junfang said in a statement that the situation on the Lebanese side is calm and stable. Under the cooperation and coordination of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Li Jun often carries out his mission on the Lebanon-Israel border. Li Jun is ready to respond to any crisis in the region.

UNIFIL stated on the same day that the overall situation in the mission area was calm and that it was working with all parties concerned to maintain overall stability.

Early, on the 4th, Israeli military spokesman Conrikus said that the Israeli army discovered several tunnels that extended from Lebanon to Israel, which were excavated and built by Hezbollah in Lebanon. In order to destroy these tunnels, the Israeli army has launched the North Shield operation. (Participant: Chen Wenxian)

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